So it has literally been almost three years since I typed up a journal entry well lets see whats new with my life.

Well I got my bachelors in game design very proud of myself for that currently looking for a job in the game industry. Not as easy as I thought it was going to be but I will continue my search.

My current job is a credit manager for the company rac acceptance inside bernie and phyls furniture. I basically help people who can not buy the furniture out right and help them pay it in monthly installments. Its steady work but something that will not be in as soon as I find the job in my expertise. I do love the people I work with though such amazing people.

August of last year moved out of my parents and now live with my brother and friend and roommates down in Fall River. Nice quiet area no loud noises and we all get along great which is good. We also all work for the same company which I find kind of funny at times because the stores are always in competition with each other so we are in competition with each other.

Still in the process of getting my own car now I mean I had one and a long story I basically lost it do to financial troubles but I'm financially back so it makes me happy.

Basically still into the same things, you can say the music i listen to has grown up a lot that's for sure.