This weekend was fun eue I went to the mall with Megan and we had nasty asian blood sauce (the people at the japanese food court gave us sauce that tasted like blood it was really gross) and I got desu desu pikachu knee socks ouo
and a Marceline wallet thing that costed way too much because everything always costs like 63782687368743 dollars

It was Charity's birthday saturday and i'm sad i didn't get to celebrate with her at all but I gave her lots of hugs in return. vuv

Megan and Kailey came over too and we watched the most sugoi thing in the world (nyan neko sugar girls) HITOSHI HAS SEXY FEET OMG.

I don't know what else to say but wow this weekend was ultra kawaii, 2 bad I have to go to school tomorrow when I don't have my english essays done