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The discarded notebook in the trash-can...
My work of writing on the computer. Comment on anything or send a PM to say ---> WRITE MORE! XD
Chapter 12
Chapter 12
December 11

Andey carried Sam for a while,watching the trees thin a little more. She saw a light a couple miles away and hurried up her pace. Sam grunted and Andey slowed down,”Yea?” He looked down at the ground and wiggled his feet,”I'll walk from here..”
She let him down as he leaned against her heavily. She felt the muscles on his stomach against her back. She turned her head and looked at him and smiled. He smiled back and kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes and sighed out,”Lets go.” His arm went around her shoulders and put his weight on her some. They walked together in silence listening to the wind blow and the trees rattle.
She shivered at the cold blowing wind. He wrapped his arms around her. The light was closer now, coming into a clearer view now. It was a gas station. It was still a couple hundred feet away. A couple drops of rain splattered down on the ground, some hitting them on their faces. Andey looked up and the rain started pouring down now. They started running to the gas station, now completely soaked, head to toe.
The ran under the awning of the gas station and shook off before entering the store. Andey went looking for a map. She went down isle 3 next to some oil for a car. She went to the front desk and asked the clerk,”Where are we?” the clerk looked irritated,”You're in north Georgia..You lost your way here or you just slept into this state without knowing?” She laughed and scratched her head,”Ehehe the 2nd option..”
“Well...,” the clerk pointed down on the map on the counter and told her where they were at. She smiled and thanked the man. She grabbed ahold of Sam and pulled him out of the gas station back into the storm

Sam was looking at the food in the store, mouth drooling and his stomach pained him. He reached to pick up a corndog and some chips but was pulled back away from the corndog stand. Andey pulled him through the doors of the store and said out to him not facing him but pulling him along anyway,”Were getting food at my farmhouse..” The rain and wind chilled him down to his bones.
He shivered and felt the urge to ask her. He thought about her strength when she pulled him through the window, he slowed and she pulled him along. He stopped and she pulled him from his roots again and then he forcivly made them stop,”Where is it at and how far away is it?”
She turned to him and unexpectingly pulled him down to her and kissed him, running her finger through his hair, tugging out some tangles. He felt turned on as she did this. It always turned him on when she did that and looked at her a little breathless,”Where again?”
She pointed to a road that trailed off a little ways and smiled,”Just a half mile up this road and then were there...” He smiled and lifted her into his arms, her legs going around his waist as he held her. He grinned even as the rain poured down onto him. He snuggled his face into her neck and put his nose on her collarbone. He put her down and stepped away from her and changed into a wolf.

She jumped onto his back and ran her fingers through his coat for grip,”Go..” she whispered. He ran, fast. She felt him jump over old trail marks and holes. She pulled his fur to the left,signaling to him to go left. He did missing the fallen tree by a couple of inches. She looked over to the house that stood dark and tall. He slowed to a walk and trotted up to the house and helped her off changing back human while she pulled the key out from under the mat. She placed it in the key hole and pressed her palm against the door giving it a shove before it opened.

He walked into a laundry room that had a shoe wrack of some kind with a coat rack also. He saw Andey take her shoes off and he did the same, sliding his next to Andey's. He shivered as he went through the door to the kitchen that was a nice size. He looked at Andey and went strait into another similar room as before. He turned to his left and spotted a fish tank with fish that flourished inside it. He was surprised about that. He watched as Andey went up the stair into the upper part of the house. He followed and watched as she turned the corner and he stumbled up to catch her. He barely got past the corner when she turned past another corner”Hey! Slow down!” he called to her. She came back around, a smiled glued to her face,”I'm going to get a nice shower now... Since we haven't had one in weeks..”
He blushed and little embarrassed,”yea ehehe..” He scratched his head noticing the oil he had in it now that was all on his hands now.
She thought a moment then went to the door he was standing behind. He turned around to look and saw her rifling through a drawer and pull out a pair of boxers, a t-shirt and a pair of long sleep pants. He gladly accepted them and watched as she slid past them going down the hall and to the left. He followed, curious to know who's room it was. He looked in and realized this was Andey's room,”Wow..” he murmured.
She emerged from a room with clean clothes on the inside of it. He watched as she went into another room a little farther away. 'bathroom' he thought when he heard water running. He stood outside the open door, not looking in. hands suddenly pulled him into the bathroom. He blushed as she giggled, taking his shirt up and off his body,”W-what are you doing!?” he stammered
“You're showering in here. I'm taking a bath in my parents room...” She laughed.
He felt confused,”then why take my clothes off?”
She laughed again and unbuttoned his pants and unzipped the zipper. His eyes widened a little. She looked up and smiled, leaning up close to kiss him,”why not?” She took her hands away from his pants and stepped away from him, picking up her fresh, clean clothes off the counter and walked out the door. She stopped a little outside the bathroom door and whispered,”Your shower is waiting...”

She slid out of her room, going into the room across the hall. She opened the door then walked in pushing it to close. She tossed her clean clothes to the bed and took her shirt off. She jumped when hands went around her waist, her head still inside the shirt as she stood there frozen. A kiss touched the back of her neck. She took the shirt off the rest of the way and murmured, blushing,”Why..?” his lips moved forward more to the left side of her neck. His hands slid to her pants. His fingers undid her pants the way she did his. He pulled hers down and they fell to the floor. He moved his hands up her body, to her back. Her bra tightened a moment then fell free off her shoulders, down to the floor. She heard him curse under his breath as his hands went back around to the front of her body, sliding up and cupping her breasts in his hands. He thumbed her nipples, teasing them hard under his touch. She moaned softly, blushing more. He nibbled on her neck and took his hands off her breasts, moving them back down to her waist,”You need to take a bath.. as I do also...” he murmured, his voice uneven. She nodded but he stayed there a few moments longer.
He slipped away from her and closed the door. She collapsed to the floor on her knees, blushing and smiling, feeling giddy. She looked up to the clock that was on the dresser that read,8:37pm. She got up off the floor and went into the bathroom. She closed the door and went to the tub and turned the water hot water on. She took off her panties and went to relieve herself. She fixed up her water after she was satisfied with how it felt and slid into the tub crying,”Heaven..” she sighed.

He closed the door leaving Andey in the doom. He looked down at himself, blushing. He almost lost it in there with her. He got off the door and went back into her room and walked back into the bathroom. He pulled is pants and boxers off, getting into the shower. He felt the water hit him and he sighed,”I ******** missed this...”
He soaked in the shower for a long time. He scrubbed his hair several times, using her bodywash a couple times also. He waited until the water ran clear of soap and dirt before plugging up the drain to fill the tub with hot steamy water.
He slid down in the hot water and placed his arms on the sides of the tub. He looked down his arm where the guy injected needles into his arm all the time. He shivered at the thought even though he was nice and toasty.
He finally got out, draining the water from the tub. He toweled off and shook his hair out some. He just wrapped the towel around his waist when a soft knock on the door startled him. He opened it, seeing Andey only wearing a towel also. He blushed and looked at her,”Yes?”
She took his hand and led him out of the room into the masters bedroom. She closed the door behind them and pulled him over to the bed, pushing him down to it, tearing his towel off him. His eyes went wide and he leaned up to take it back from her, only to have her towel hit him in the face. He was blushing hard when he pulled the towel off his face only to meet Andey stark naked ontop of him. She was basically straddling him and it turned him on. He bit his lip and sat up. She blushed and got off him,”I didn't know if you..”
He tossed her to the pillows and was ontop of her now. Her facing him,”So this...” He took her hand and placed her hand against his erect length,”Means that I don't want you..? God I cant think strait when I'm near you...”
He looked down at her and she blushed biting her lip. She took her other arm and put it around his neck pulling him close to her and whispered in his ear,”You touched me earlier and it basically drove me crazy..” he felt her hand around his length tighten and her stroke him. He moaned when she did and took her hand away,”No, not with your hand...” He made her blush at what he said to her. He kissed her lips. He kissed her chin, her neck, her collarbone, then back up to her lips again. She drove him crazy.
He felt her legs wrap around his waist. He looked down at her and smiled.

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