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The discarded notebook in the trash-can...
My work of writing on the computer. Comment on anything or send a PM to say ---> WRITE MORE! XD
Ch 10
Chapter 10
December 11th

The light passed over them. A man passed the tree poking his head in to look. Andey relaxed as the man left quickly. She kept kissing Sam, who was still rigid while he kissed her. Another man poked his head in and left quickly. He still didn't relax.
When it got quieter in the woods, Sam pulled away from Andey and whispered to her,”Why didn't they tell the others that we were here..?” his whisper sounded like gunshots in the forest. She shook her head,”They couldnt... they didnt see us..we're invisible.”
He looked at her confused,”How..?”
She smiled, her fangs barely showing,”Because I took blood earlier.. they starved me of blood so I wouldnt be able to use my powers.. My powers cloak us but it drains power that I dont have much of right now.. it would be harder to do anything if you got that needle in your cute butt...”
He blushed lightly and smiled,”why I think my butt is gorgeous instead of cute..”
She smiled and yawned,”I cant hold power too long.. and its hard to keep us cloaked if im moving..”
He nodded and she slid out of his lap. He leaned her against the tree and kissed her forehead lightly and went to the middle, getting on his hands and knees in the middle. He bit his lip and his hair on his body changed, his clothes became fur. His tail grew long and he grew ears. He looked like a wolf now. He let out a low growl and looked at her. She watches as he laid down next to her. She pulled herself on his back and ran her fingers through his hair, feeling the top layer as course fur then she dug her fingers down more feeling the texture change to smooth. Rough outside,smooth inside. She slid her arms around his neck and felt his muscles ripple underneath his fur. She laid down low on his back concentrating on making them invisible as he ran into the woods.

He ran through the forest, running between the men that were searching for them. He ran a couple of miles before hearing Andey panting, feeling her shake,”I...need...Blood...” she whimpered to him. He slowed to a stop and helped her down off his back. He changed back into his actual self and when to his knees looking at her worried,”How bad do you need it?” he asked.
She showed him her canines, they were long and painfully sharp now. Her mouth was closed and they reached the bottom of her lip. He thought a moment and pulled his shirt collar back and looked at her,”Take my blood..” She looked down,”if only I carry you when we are good..” her voice sounded a little husky, almost normal sounding if you didnt note the pain in her eyes.
He thought a moment and nodded. She slid over to him and put her nose against his skin,”Well before I do this, youre going to feel weird if youve never had your blood taken from a vampire...”
He shivered a little and nodded, she let her lips and teeth graze his skin.

She felt his pulse race under her lips. She whispered in his ear,”Are you ready..?”
He nodded and she bit down. He gasped a little from the pain She moved her left hand to the other side and her right when to his back as she started drinking his blood. His blood tasted like a roaring fire on her tongue. She closed her eyes tight as he moaned in ecstasy, his growls in her ear. She forced herself not to do what he did. It was painful not to.
She felt his hands move,they moved her to his waist, pulling her into his lap. She blushed fiercly. She blushed more when she felt something hard against her leg. She heard him mumble something but she ignored it. His hands touched the hem of her shirt and the other on her back. The other slithered up her shirt, around her bra as his hand fondled her breasts. She moaned as he did this.
She pulled her fangs out of his neck and licked the wound closed. She was still in his lap, he was still hard, and his hands were still in her shirt..

He heard her make a noise and he snapped out of his dream,”Huh?” he asked in a gruff voice.
She murmured in amusement,”Your hands... are still down my shirt..” Her voice sounded off also. “Sexy and still hot' he thought to himself though. He realized what she just said and blushed deeply,”Oh s**t....” he let go of her breast and pulled his hands out of her shirt. She was still blushing and looked down accidentally then away again blushing more. He pulled his arms behind himself and felt an uncomfortable tug in his pants. He studdered,”I-I..umm-mm.. well... is this..? What you were saying 'odd' would happen?” he blushed. She nodded, and he blushed more. She slid out of his lap and watched her move to his side. He was feeling a little dizzy and hungry,”I guess.. I know why you said to stop then...” He put his head against her shoulder before she moved him.
“Ill carry you” She stood up and pulled him off the ground. He was leaned against her back and she moved her hands to the backs of his legs. The ground dissapeared from under him he wrapped his arms around her neck letting them hang loose against her chest. He slid his head to her neck and yawned, closing his eyes.
She moved pretty fast considering he was taller and heavier than her by about a foot and 30 pounds in muscle. He opened his eyes and watched as trees thinned and clumped back together. After a bit, he could feel she was struggling a little but she kept trudging along. He grunted and she moved her fingers ,”Yea..?” the strained reply came
“Where are we going?” he asked, feeling curious.
“to the country house we had.” She replied
“You still remember where it is?!” he asked surprised
“yes and No”
“We need to find out where we are first then from there we can get there..”
“So... it's colder than usual isnt it..?” He murmured in her ear after a couple minutes.
She nodded in agreement,”Yea... are you able to walk?” she asked
He shrugged,”Dunno, I dont feel dizzy anymore..”
She came to a stop and let his legs go. Instead of letting go and touching ground. He held on still making them both fall backwards. She turned to him,”You know... youre suppose to let go when I let go of your legs, right?”
He laughed as she laid on top of him. He felt her snuggle closer to him and nibble on his earlobe. He smiled and ran his fingers through her hair and started to scratch behind her ears. He felt her shift and murmur out,”Hotspot...” He grinned and kept at it. She let out a moan and he smiled and kissed her, feeling her hands move to his waistband on his jeans. He pulled her away and looked at her in the twilight glow. She was beautiful, her eyes giving her an angelic look in the dying moonbeams. He pulled her head back to his and kissed her lips.

She felt his soft lips under hers, his tongue pressing on her lips, begging for permission. She opened her mouth and kissed him, blushing as he kissed her. Her fingers went to the front of his jeans undoing the top button. He stopped hissing her and pulled away a moment to look at her. She could see in his eyes he wasnt expecting anything but only for them to makeout. She whispered before he could say anything,”We should probably go now..” She leaned back and threw her leg off of him and helped him sit up. She brushed stray hairs and grass off his face. He took her hand and kissed her hand in return.
She got up on her feet and pulled him up to his. He slid his arm around her shoulders for support and they walked in silence for a while as the cloulds parted for a moment to reveal a beautiful sunrise in the west.

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