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The discarded notebook in the trash-can...
My work of writing on the computer. Comment on anything or send a PM to say ---> WRITE MORE! XD
Ch 9
Chapter 9
December 10th

Andey was looking at fur. Sky, and fur. Trees, buildings and men. She snapped to and pushed herself off the ground. She barred her fangs and her nails grew longer. A man ran over to her. She lashed out at him. Blood welled from the gashes in his arm and chest. Her teeth were aching now. She hadnt had blood in about a month and her body was weak from the lack of sustinance. The bloodied man reared back and punched at her. She evaded the attack and sent her foot strait into his jaw. He slid back a couple feet and ran away from her. Another man was repace by him and she lunged at him. She jumped above him, flipping above and landing to his backside. She grabbed ahold of the man and bit down into his neck and sucked greedily, feeling her strength return to her body. She quickly remember the affects on human feeding when her mind crawled to the dirty side.
The man moaned and his heartbeat increased. She let go of him and kicked him square in the back. She reached up and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She looked to Sam, who was biting and ripping a short guys arm off. The man screamed out in agony. She watched as a guy aimed a gun to sam. She sprinted to sam as the guns trigger clicked.

Sam heard the click of the gun over the mans crys. He felt something hit him and he turned his attention to Andey, who was slumped against his leg now, forgetting the screaming man completely. He saw the syringe sticking out of her side. She pulled it out of her and tried to get back to her feet, instead falling to her butt. ”We need to leave... now..”,She murmured before slumping over into unconciousness. Sam grabbed ahold of her shirt between her shoulder blades and power jumped over the men that started gathering now. He heard the shocked gasps as he flew over them in the sky. He hit the ground and ran into the trees.
He heard the shouts of an angry man yelling in a shrill voice,” Go after them you bloody fools!!” he was already a ways away from the men. His teeth ached with andey in his grip, her unconcious body limp in his grip.. he slowed to a halt and found a hollowed out oak tree and pulled her in after him. He changed back and heard a twig snap. He tensed up and looked in the direction it was coming from. Faint lights and voices carried through. He heard andey groan and he quickly went back to her and pulled her into his lap and placed his hand over her mouth, craddling her body so she wouldnt give them away. He looked outside to see the beams grow brighter. They were getting closer now. He looked down at her when she shifted in his lap. He held his hand over her mouth and looked her in the eyes. She looked back into his. Her eyes looked kinda funny in his opinion, like they were darker. The light was closer to them now. He leaned to her and kissed her as a light hit them.

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