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The discarded notebook in the trash-can...
My work of writing on the computer. Comment on anything or send a PM to say ---> WRITE MORE! XD
(needs editing) Ch 5
Chapter 5
Nov 17

Andey walked into her house and saw it looked normal. She felt on edge and adrenaline running through her veins. She read what the note said, “Im in the bathroom” from under the beginning of the note. She slowly looked around, waiting for a booby trap or something. She went passed the stairs and then to the bathroom door and lightly placed her hand on the doorknob and slowly turned it. She paled and whispered in a hushed tone, “Oh...my god...!” She was looking at her grandmothers body, cut into ribbons with parts of her guts spread out on the floor along with some of her fingers and leg. It was sickening to look at but she looked at the blood and and the chopped off hand that was pointing to the cabinet under the sink. She opened it and found another delicate card written in somebody elses blood it smelled like her dads but she was unsure of whos it was from her grandmothers blood surrounding her. She backed out of the bathroom and ran to her parents bedroom and threw the door finding that her dad looked like he wasnt dead. Her lip quivered,”D-d-daddy?” She slowly creeped over to him and put her hand on him and felt his skin was ice cold. She cried out,”No! No! No!!” She yanked the sheets off him and regretted it completely. The sheets were stained in blood underneath him but his whole backside was flipped so that his body would looked flipped on his stomach asleep. But his head was chopped off and on the pillow facing up. She screamed. “Where were his organs?!” Her mind screamed. She found another card, in his hand and then with a shakey hand took the car and she turned and looked at her parents bathroom. She whimpered. And felt her eyes tear up. She inched her way over and held her hand to the bathroom door and pushed it open.

Sam threw the door open and yelled out,”Mom? Dad?Erik? Erin!?” he ran over to the bathroom and smelled it before he got to the door,”Oh my god...No” He threw the door open and jumped back in revolt and disgust. His grandfather was slung over the bathtub with a pool of blood in the floor of the bathroom. He lowered his head and walked in and looked at his grandfather. He balled up his fists and saw the card hanging from his hand. He took it and read it and murmured out loud,”I'm in your parents room” He dropped the note and glided silently across the carpet and opened his parents door quietly. He smelled and only smelled the blood of his family in the house. He saw that his mother was on the bed. He saw that she was dressed in some lingerie that was only for bedtime fun. He went over to her and saw the bruising under her neck and he almost growled out loud. He saw the note under his mothers hair on the pillow and gently pulled it out from under it and read it and walked over to the bathroom and opened the door to find what looked like a zombie had eaten out of a dead body and thrown up everything in the tub. He had to put his hand over his mouth and close his eyes. He had a few tears fall down his cheeks when he opened them again and he walked around the bathroom avoiding the blood puddles as best he could. He picked up the note off the side of the tub and got out as quick as he could and stopped in his tracks and read the note again. He swore so fiercely he scared himself almost. He ran out of his room and up to the twins room.

Andey almost fell in the blood that was covering the floor. She didnt look in the tub until she was right up against it to get the note out of there. She read it and almost slipped when she went for the door. When she got out, she hurried out and ran into the living room to find her older brother with his favorite game in his lap with a note along with it. She didnt want to read it. She almost couldnt bear looking at her brother the way he looked. She forced her self to read the note and then screamed out in rage and panic. She flew up the stairs and had her fangs bared. She opened her younger brothers door and almost threw up. He was cut open with his organs sticking out of him but the most sickening thing was his heart and where it laid. She looked at her brother and she almost cried out. She said in a hushed whisper,”Oh my god! I cant believe your alive...!” She was already crouching over him and moved him so that his head was now on her knees. He coughed but didn't squeeze his hand,”Hey...” He gave out a ragged breath. She looked down at her little brother. Tears cascading down her face now,”Who..?” Her brother shook his head,”Don't know... but I know your safe.. paralysis gas was thrown in the house....but I couldn't do anything...Its the same for them also.. A-Andey..?” He coughed and smiled one last time, even as he died,”Sam will want you to...see him now...you only have each other now...I love you...i always will...” and let out his last breath and died with a smile on his face. He let his hand go limp and his heart fell from his hand. She screamed out,”NO! KYLE, NOO!!!! DONT LEAVE ME!!! KYLEEE!!!!” She cried out and slid his head off her lap. She stumbled down the stairs and walked passed the bodies of her Mother Lily, her Father Howard and her Grandmother Siren. Her Older brother Connor and now Kyle her Younger Brother. She closed the door and stumbled out in the yard and fell over a root and hit the ground, hard. She got up and just went back down on her knees and clenched her stomach and vomited all of her lunch in the front yard. She fell over looking at Sam's house.

Sam busted into the twins room and and cried out. He fell to his knees and crawled over to their bodies. Erine turned her head to Sam, and so did Erik. Both of them held each others heart. Erine holding Erik's and Erik holding Erine's. He slid himself so that he was touching them both. He looked to them both as tears fell down his cheeks. Erine coughed and smiled to her older brother,”Atleast we can see your smile..”
Erik spoke,” as the last thing when we die...”
Erine went on,” the same thing happend”
“Over there...” Erik pointed over across the street,”Andey must be in”
“Despair and pain.... Shes hurting brother..”
“Were dying... we cant do anything about it..”
“But you can help her out more than us..”
Sam opened his mouth but nothing came out until he cleared his throat to say,”Guys...your just...this is a joke...”
The smiled one last time and let go of each others hearts and died.
Sam stood up and knew what the twins were meaning. He walked down the stairs and walked outside to see from where he was Andey falling to her hands and knees and throw up and then he saw as she fell to her side that she was going to have a troubled time ahead of her. He ran across the street and slowed down as he came up to her and helped her up and hugged her. She let out a sob and they both fell to their knees and cried together.

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