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The discarded notebook in the trash-can...
My work of writing on the computer. Comment on anything or send a PM to say ---> WRITE MORE! XD
(needs editing) Ch 4
Chapter 4
nov 17

The deed was done and the notes were scattered around in certain areas of the house. He placed the specially made notes in the mailbox of each house. He strided over to his car and drove off.

-In 7th period-

“Mister Firebird and Miss Winterstorm! I can't believe you two arrogant fools wont work together for once! This was suppose to be an easy assignment that EVERYONE would have passed. You completely destroyed the lab room like it was my 4year olds play room! I have broken graduated cylinders, cracked flasks, dented up dissecting pans and shattered beakers! Im sorry to say but acting like a bunch of rabbid dogs here, I will not tolerate it.I will have to call your parents” Mr. Odans said to both Sam and Andey. He shoed out Sam and called Andeys Mother.

Sam leaned against the office door and he could hear the buttons of Mr. Odans cell phone chiming. He could hear the ringing in the phone like it were put on speaker or something. It rang a couple times until it went to the voice-mail. Mr. Odans left a brief message saying to return the call as soon as possible and hung up. He called Andeys Father also. Same thing. No answer. He got off the door and knew it would be his turn next after one last call. He heard Andeys concerned voice,“I dont understand... My mother always answers her phone.... my dad also...they both wouldn't leave their phones on silent or anything...My younger brother always answers the home phone and would give it to my mom or someone.” Sam rolled his eyes and leaned against the door again. He could hear the phone chim and ring again. The same thing happened again. No answer. The door suddenly opened and he fell back onto her on accident,“Gah!” He said. He caught himself and went into the office around her. He didnt even hear a remark for the fall. He was a little puzzled and closed the door after she went out. He crossed his arms and watched as Mr. Odans hit the number to his moms number.

Andey was concerned and upset. Her parents always, always answered their phone. She listened in to how Sam's conference would go. She heard that his mom didnt answer her phone. She heard the keys being pressed against the phone and then she heard the ringing again. It was his dads phone that was being called now. The same happened for him. She felt deja vu going on. She heard him murmured something, “Okay... this is weird... her parents and my parents didnt answer their phones... and they always do...” He left the room and looked at her surprised, “I wasn't expecting you to wait...” She took him by the wrist and silently pulled him along to go to the bus which wouldn't leave without them. She climbed on with him ignoring the gasps and the shocked and hushed whispers when they both sat down, let alone touch each other in a non-threatening way. She was silent and had a strange look in her eyes.

Sam was still a little shocked that she waited on him, let alone was sitting with her also. He looked to her and pulled her hair back behind her ear and saw her eyes dart to him. His eyebrows went up when he saw her. He took his jacket and reached up to her face and wiped the sole tear that fell to her cheek 'It must be really bad then...' He almost put his head against hers and kissed her pale cheek but decided against it. He saw that she finally noticed that she was crying and quickly wiped her eyes and swished her hair around and sniffed. He watched as she pulled out her ipod and listened to music on the way home.

She felt utterly ashamed of herself and a little bliss at the same time. She had a moment with Sam and she always called him names. She kept thinking to herself,'I need to just calm down... nothings wrong' She saw that their stop was up and she turned her ipod off and stood up and got off the bus with Sam. She went to the mailbox and found a simple looking letter attached to the flag on the mailbox. She read it as the bus left. She paled even more. She dropped it and her bag and ran to her door. The note that was crushed beneath her bag said, “Welcome home Alexandria” in her grandmother's blood.

Sam sighed and got off the bus and went across the street and went to his mailbox and found a note on his mailbox also, not knowing that Andey had one also. He opened it and gasped in horror. Inscribed in it was written,”Welcome home Samuel”He sniffed the letter and he snarled. He heard the door slam shut from across the street and saw that Andey left her stuff right in front of her mailbox. He dropped his stuff and placed the note back on the flag with the same noting as Andeys. Only with his name and in his grandfathers blood. He ran to his house, not knowing what he was going to find.

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