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The discarded notebook in the trash-can...
My work of writing on the computer. Comment on anything or send a PM to say ---> WRITE MORE! XD
Chapter 1
Chapter 1
December 10th

She heard the voices from the other room. Her head throbbed from the beating and torture they were putting her through. But she wouldn't tell the secrets. She felt a few words from one of her favorite songs come to her head and she smiled, murmuring them aloud,“I'm broke but not broken..” She looked up and smiled, her eyes moving to Sam's still body. She could hear his heartbeat, light but steady. He was fine. She closed her eyes and kept cutting at the nylon ropes around her wrists with her sharpened nails. After she freed herself, she would free Sam also..

He could hear the slicing of the ropes and a fingernail snap, followed by a few strings of curses. He opened his eyes to see Andey scowling at nothing. He shifted, his arm awakening from being numb. He looked over at her and watched as sweat ran down her face and blood tricking down from a cut above her left eye. It dripped down off her eyelashes to the darkened floor. He let out a pent up breath and said with sarcasm,”I thought you said we would be out of here by now?” He saw her glance over at him then close her eyes,”Shut up..”
He sighed out and frowned,”So much had to happen in the past month didn't it..?” She didn't say anything but nodded in agreement. He opened his mouth to say something, but the smell hit him making him growl out.
She glanced at the door and and glared at it,”its them..” she had venom in her words. The words only left her mouth when the door opened and the masked man walked through with a few needles and a knife made of silver on him. The man walked over to him first, pulling a needle out and stabbing him in the arm with it and injecting the liquid fire that made his heart race, making him want to change.
He convulsed and groaned, resisting the urge to change, like the time before, and like the time before that. He barred his canines that were now visible, his arms and legs quivering. He opened his eyes and looked to Andey, seeing the masked man caress her face with one hand, pulling the knife out with the other. She flinched, seeing the gleam of it in the dim lighting. He watched as she thrashed about, squirming as far away as she could from the knife in the mans hands. He watched her as she screamed, the knife barely touching against her cheek. He closed his eyes as tight as he could and thought to himself,'We cant hold on much longer..” He opened his eyes, looking back over at her, seeing tears in her eyes. He hadn’t seen her cry since her family was brutally murdered, the same day as his was.
He felt the drugs effects wearing off some and saw the man pull another needle out, walking over to him. He growled at the man, but the man only smiled, kicking him over and shoot the other arm with the other liquid in the needle. Sam thought to himself a moment,'I'd kill for a needle free environment...' His eyelids involuntarily closed on him a couple minutes later as the new drug kicked in. His last thoughts were to what happened a month ago to start all this..

Andey watched as the man injected more stuff into Sam. The man turned back to her as she barred her fangs at him, like a cat would to a dog. The man smiled, the knife in view again. She shuttered involuntarily and made a hissing noise at him. The man slammed the knife flat against her thigh. She screamed as he laughed. He asked, “You will be better off if you tell me where the treasure is located now” He looked to Sam, who was asleep on the floor, drool pooling on the floor where his mouth was,”Or is your friendship worth it?” She said nothing to the man. The man grabbed her by the hair of her head and slammed her face against the wall and slid the knife against her throat. She gasped and kicked her feet out, catching the man in the stomach. The man pinned her legs down to the ground and took the knife and slid it down to her legs and laid the blade flatly against her legs. She screamed in agony as he laughed cruelly.
Her vision went a little black and white and fuzzy around the corners. The man got off her suddenly and pushed her down to the ground, leaving the room. She groaned as she tried to move her legs. She slid herself as best she could over to Sam's unconscious body and pressed her forehead against his, a tear sliding down out of her eye. She whispered to him,”We promised not to tell and I always keep my promises..” She felt her eyes become heavy and her mind drift back to what happened to pull them into this predicament. She sighed and closed her eyes, blacking out.

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