I was inside a building and I saw a young lady wearing a hoodie and cuffed denim shorts. I accidentally bumped into her. She smiled and told me her name, but I continued walking, feeling embarrassed for having bumped into her. I mentioned my name, but I don't think she heard me.

I entered some hallway, I believe, and there was a man carrying what seemed like a broom and a spray bottle. I took the bottle as he left it behind and he said something to me while he was walking away. I tried hiding the bottle, but he didn't bother returning to take it from me. I sprayed something onto a door handle.

I don't remember much, but I recall bumping into the girl again like it was déjà vu. She told me her name again and I heard her more clearly and I said my name again, but I kept walking. I may have awakened.

I found myself in Target and as I was leaving. As I was doing so, a black man saw me and I was going to move out of his way so I wouldn't bump into him. He went in the same direction I went and asked me for money. I told him no and he wouldn't let me pass him.

I went in a different direction through the line where one would purchase something. I bumped into a cart and it bumped into a big, black woman. I apologized and told her I was trying to get away. She understood and I suppose tried to help me. I eventually got out of Target.

I was trying to run, but I couldn't. So I jumped really high and came back down. I thought, "I hate it when I try to run and I jump really high instead." I was out where the parking lot was at this time and I thought the black man was trying to still come after me.

As I tried to run, my legs still felt heavy and I thought, screw this. So I turned around and began running backwards. I was now moving faster than I had been. I woke up.

I was in some area and above me was a reddish, elongated pod hanging from the ceiling. I had a stick and I would hit aside the raspberries that came out of it. I looked at where the fruit was falling and it appeared to look like an a**s. Then there were more than just one.

Raspberries and blueberries fell out and I'd hit them every time. Eventually there was enough and there were people around. I told them to gather around and collect the berries. Strangely, I was now sitting at a table and there were people present. My late grandpa was there as well.

Someone had bought pizza and I was sure if I wanted any. I would try to take a slice of some other kind of food, but every time I did, it would be a slice of pizza. Then at the other end of the table, I heard Eisefin tell me, "Just treat yourself with one."

I was hesitant and thought that if I did, I'd need to really exercise more than usual. So I eventually took a slice and took a bite of it. Then I had four slices of pizza, but my grandpa took a piece of pepperoni from one of them. Someone else picked something off of my pizza as well.

I thought about bringing my slices closer because I didn't want them eating my pizza. I then saw a lot of diced, black olives. I don't recall anything after that.