So, I haven't written in this journal since shortly before the Axis & Allies Air Force Minis release. Well, I did end up buying in to it, as I really liked the rules. I only bought boosters here and there due to the high cost, and then just recently bought a booster case now that the price is down.

Now Bandits High, the second set, is a few weeks away, and I think I'll be following the same plan. I'll start out with a pair of starters, and then buy the odd booster here and there until prices come down enough to buy a case without going broke.

In other Axis & Allies news...Axis & Allies 1914! I am eagerly awaiting the release of this game in March, just in time for my birthday! A World War I Axis & Allies game is right up my alley. The "Axis & Allies" name sounds a bit odd for a First World War game, but A&A has become a brand really, plus "Central Powers & Triple Entente 1914" is a little unwieldy. XD

Well, that's today's boring gaming news.