I've weighed things carefully.

I've thought things through.

Don't you dare say that I haven't.

/ sigh.

Last night I had a terrible dream about anarchy. It was a lot like four horsemen but it was seven suns. The whole dream was gritty and dark.


Call my name one last time? Whisper it through the phone like we're lovers and you're pleading with me.

Make me feel loved.

Make me feel loved so my dreams will be sweet again.

I don't mind not being in a relationship, honest. I don't mind not being in love. my mind doesn't revolve around those things but, when things are down it is nice to have someone desire you... so long as it isn't heavy and full of strings. I want love but I don't want a string or responsibility to be with you. I'm already in a box, don't make my walls smaller.