So, this is the day. January 26th- 27th 2013. Nick Reecer, someone I officially knew when he was assigned to sit across from me in Language arts and Social studies. He wasn't who I thought he was: just someone in the crowd. I have to learn not everyone isn't like that. He seems to be one of the most energetic and hilarious and crazy and wild person I know. He raises his voice regularly, but it always makes me smile and laugh.
He makes me get a happy feeling that I don't get often. I want to be around him more because of his hyper energy that surrounds him. I'm usually depressed and sad for no reason, but when I get near him it's like it all just disappears. But he also needs help. He believes everything around him hates him, when really, it's only how he views things. With me around, I can teach him to see that the world isn't so cruel. I can open his eyes and guide him to the light, while he does the same with me.
Until this day, January 27th, 2013, I've learned he's so much more. He used words that came from the heart. Words that I've seen before; that I recognize. He's just like...... William. I've never seen this side of him before, but I'm happy I did. He's strong minded, he understands me. He knows what I tell him, he actually feels how I feel, and he's.. Almost like the guy deep-sided version of me, I don't want this night to end.
Another memory made in the same room of the fireflies memory; The pigeon story memory. This memory shall be memorized as.......................... Midnight fireflies. It feels right. After struggling to find a perfect name, midnight fireflies seems to feel the most suitable.
We both know, the secret memory name. Now if I ever speak of it, we shall know what our minds are connected to....