I never thought that things
Would turn out like this
I've spread out my wings
I'm hard to miss

Despite my current trouble
I'm lucky to be surrounded
You're lost in the rubble
And always grounded

I see the brighter light
I see my way out
I'm ready to take flight
Ready to get out of the drought

Don't stop me
Don't drag me down
I want to be free
Not to see your fallen crown

I'm no longer a slave
You should know better dear
That was a wrong way to behave
So I'm no longer here

I was lost in your tricks
You were a clever one
But I found the bricks
To break you and be done

I have formed a new shield
One that is steel
You are to yield
If you don't think it's real

You are to stay clear of my sight
I don't want to be blind
I am doing what's right
So I don't lose my mind

You were no different
So don't think that
You turned on me in an instant
Now it's time to scat

I am not lonely for you
I know I must wait
This is something new
But something I hate

Patience... Please bring me good things