I didn't have time to worry about how i was going to tell Xifft how i feel. We had some more pressing maters to attend to. Exil and Kexim had decided to stay at Central Castle so we had some cleaning to do. we started with the rooms that are set aside for the members. After that we cleaned the kitchen (witch hasn't been cleaned in 6 months). after about 3 or 4 hours we were all sitting in the Members Lounge, relaxing when an alarm went off. "WARNING! WARNING! EVIL AURA DETECTED! WARNING!" "whats the threat level?" i ask as i bring up the status report. "THREAT LEVEL 8. EXTREME CAUTION ADVISED." i was surprised. i haven't seen a treat level that high sense that faitful day. That will come later, for now Xifft was about to get her first taste of combat. Hopefully it wouldn't be her last.
We walked through the Dark Door to see a horrid sight: an entire village demolished! "Oh no!" Exil exclaimed "Not the Elvin colonies!" "Someone is going to die today and it isn't going to be ant more Elves!" declared Kexim. suddenly, in a flash of light, a evil figure stood in front of us. We immediately drew our weapons, Kexim's sword suspended in the air, Exil had his guns pointed strait at him, Xiffts Whip was unfurled at her side, and i summoned my Dark Mist ready to transform at a moments notice. the figure stepped out from his cloud of smoke and i was shocked at who stood before me. "Hey Caxias. Its been a while."