Love is here, and then it's gone.

Remus St. Regis;
At your service.

"My name is Remus St. Regis. Born 1992 to Fae and Silas St. Regis. We descend from Mayfield, Virginia. My family dates back to the Salem Witch Trials. Or at least that's what my grandfather says. He's full of stories. My mom calls them stories, I actually think they are pretty cool. It's pretty interesting listening to the elderly. Some of them are pretty wise in their old age. Anyway, I moved to Chicago when I turned eighteen, college was on the agenda, but I ended up finding a really great full-time job at an Apothecary in Lincoln Park. They've got some pretty rad stuff.

My parents don't really talk to me anymore. They told me if I left and didn't go to school, they were going to cut me off and never speak to me again. It's been almost three years now. I send letters to my grandfather, he doesn't respond. I guess, I never actually thought they wouldn't talk to me. School has never really been my passion. No, that's my brother. Right now, he's about to graduate from Harvard with honors and as the valedictorian. They definitely got the dick part right. My parents wanted me to follow in my brothers footsteps, my fathers footsteps. What can I say, I guess I'm not a follower. My grandma said I was exactly like my grandfather. 'Hard headed and won't take any sh*t from no one, ' she'd say. I even look like him when he was my age. She died four years ago. It's what made me decide to live my life somewhere else.

Reasons I stayed in Mayfield, Virginia so long: 1. It was illegal for me to leave without my parents permission. 2. My grandparents. They're the only people I've ever really connected with in my family and when she died, my grandfather told me to go. He knew I wasn't happy. I left and I didn't look back.

It'll be three years this month. I left on my birthday, I mean, it's not as though they had a party planned or anything. It was 3 in the morning, I called a cab and got on a plane at 6. By the time I landed, my parents had cut off all my credit cards and closed my bank account. I knew it was a good idea to drain my savings before I left. I spent my eighteenth birthday in a Holiday Inn in downtown Chicago. If you want to know, I ordered in and went to bed at ten. Now, I live in a studio apartment that I pay far too much for. I have a cat named Neferet and no friends to speak of. These have been the best three years of my life, if you can believe it. And, I turn twenty-one next week. What else could I ask for?"

The music still plays on.