Hello again, people who may or may not read this. This is about the Greman exagen student coming around my birthday, 3/6-3/26. Birthday it 2 days after he leaves. My parents are obessing over him and that they are going to with him. They want to take him to the mall, the shore(Wildwood), boil crayfish, make chill(I hate it), watch hockey(I extremly dislike), eat hotdogs loaded with crazy s**t, and going to ALL the restruants in my town(it has A LOT). I know it sounds fun but when i try to add things in that would help thay just yell at me to shut up. They are so wound up in the planing that my mom won't even fix my door(it fell of the hinges) but they will yell at us to clean our rooms. It's almost like my parents are planning all of March around him and almost complety forgeting my birthday. I'm excited about him coming and he seems nice(he is very nice looking) but my parents are getting obessesed. It is getting crazy.
-Teh Magical Jellyfish
P.S. Sorry about the bad spelling/grammar.