So I've recently restarted on my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. I was basically at a "stand-still" because I had fainted at Sky Tower and I lost all my important items (such as the HM Fly, which I was fairly unhappy about.) I couldn't go back to the Sky Tower because I didn't know Fly and I think I might have lost the item Alakazam gave me to go there with (I don't know, it's been almost a year since I last played on that first game.) Anyways, I decided to start a new game simply because I thought that I had screwed up and had no choice but to. Since I wanted to be a Chramander again and had failed to become one (six times...I always end up getting Torchic....) I thought I might...umm...find a way to answer the Personality Quiz right to get my desired Pokemon. Upon doing so, I end up reading the walkthrough and what do you know? There's a dungeon (I believe it's Wyvern Hill) that has a chamber with the HM in it...After seeing that, I facepalmed into oblivion. The last game I had I was so far into it. I made so many accomplishments on it and I was close to getting top rank...oh well. At least Mudkip is my partner now. He's pretty cool. I forget his name already, I think it's something along the lines of Kipling...meh, I'm not so good with names.

Well, I think that's basically it. See you in my next entry. Wish me luck?