The girls have given handguns to everyone, and there are more in the back. Luis,"You sure have a lot of these, don't you. Have a secret stash or something?"
MMy dad laughs,"No. I was at the station when this all happened, and the police station got hit the worst. I ran into a few cops that had been turned. They weren't going to use them, and I knew they wouldn't mind."
This gives everyone a small smile, releasing some of the stress. The car suddenly jerks to the right. My dad's face becomes his usual when he's doing something important,"Everyone hold on."
I look straight and see that there are cars everywhere. Left in the street, and the undead are comming toward us from all sides. He takes a side street, and something worse than the zombies is in front of us. It looks like someone took it's skin and turned it inside out. It doesn't look like it has any eyes. On all fours, it is bigger than a human. I look at my dad and see that his expression hasn't changed. He puts the car in reverse and steps on the gas. The car doesn't move though. I finally see his expression change, not much, but in shock. He puts it in drive, then back in reverse. Stepping on the pedal again, nothing happens. He does it again, but the monster suddenly opens it's mouth. This time, we start to go in reverse. At the same time, the monster's tongue shoots out of it's mouth, hitting my dad's shoulder. He yells, but the tongue comes out almost as fast as it went in because of our car going in reverse.