The zombies were all focused on him, making our path to the SUV easy. That is, until they realise we're there. He gets the ones clse to us. Chris opens the door and the girls run in, taking the back seats. My dad yells,"The guns are in the back!"
The girls hand two up, Chris taking one and giving me the other one. While Piers and Luis get in, we take out the ones near us. I tell Chris to get in after the two. He does, leaving the door open and taking out the ones coming at us. I run to the front of the SUV and slide over the hood. I shoot the near by ones and receive help from Piers. I open the door and sit down. I call for my dad and we all slam the doors shut. My dad,"Hold on."
Immediately, he puts the car in reverse. He's on the street in seconds, turning us to another direction. He's use to the get away attempts by the people he's had to chase down. It's made him a great driver over the years. I sigh,"You never liked the front doors."
He laughs,"Nope. No reason to have 5 pairs of doors when they're always locked. So, anyone need their families picked up.I know it's tight back there, but we could fit extras."
I shake my head and my dad doesn't ask any questions.