I never thought I'd be so happy to hear his voice.
"We're at school. Where are you?"
He laughs,"I figured you'd still be there. I just got to the school. I borrowed Chris' parents SUV. It has more room and I figured you wouldn't be alone. How's with you?"
"Chris, Claire, Luis, Piers, and Ada. Should we..."
Cutting me off, their's a strict tone with his words,"No. You stay where you are. Where in the school are you?"
"The girl's bathroom next to the cafeteria. We met the girls here."
The strictness in his voice is gone as he laughs,"Perfect. Don't come out until you hear a noise. You'll know when to come out, trust me. When you hear it, run for the SUV."
The phone goes dead on his end and I put it in my pocket. Chris,"So, he wants us to stay here."
I nod,"Yeah, he said to come out when we hear a noise. He said we'd know when..."
Then a huge sound comes from the other end of the door. There's no way we could of missed it. The sound of glass crashing, a sound of something hard hitting summent, and the rev of an engine....He didn't....We all have looks of confusion on our faces, but we all get up and run for the door. Chris and Piers lead, the girls stay in the middle, and Luis and I take the rear. When I get outside, I see that my dad has drove through the school doors and is now shooting zombies with his shotgun. The one plus to my dad being a cop. He must of brought all of his guns. I can't help but smile at how insane he is.