◦ Light brown, shoulder length hair. Side bangs, hair is died black, slowly changing back to the light brown it had been before at the roots.

◦ Eyes are a crystal blue color, not too light, but can be mistaken for a grey if looked at by the right angle. Sometimes turn a very very vibrant blue color.

◦ Stands at about 5'3 1/2", long legs, hour glass figure. Not flat chested but not too busty either, aprrox. a mid-B cup. Strong shoulders and a slightly broad back, and a flat, muscled stomach.

◦ Long slender fingers, piano fingers, which are calloused and scarred up from various things like cooking, cleaning, playing guitar and writing. The finger nails, though perfectly shaped, are bitten down, but still growing slightly past the edge of the fingers.

◦ Only wears two pieces of jewlery; one being a hemp bracelet around her right wrist. It's a light and dark blue color, striped. The other is a necklace, a sliver chain, and just one pendant at the end. A circular cubic zirconium. Nothing too expensive, but still pretty.

◦ Is always wearing jeans, preferably skinny jeans. The shirt is never too dressy, often just graphic tees or a plaid shirt, flannel with a cami or tank top under it.

◦ Is either always wearing boots, or converse. Flip flops are only allowed in the summer. The same works with jeans and shorts.

◦ Ears are pierced, but one hole is slightly extended, close to ripping open. Never wears earrings.

◦ Never wears any make up besides the occasional and rare eyeliner. Not too much, barely visible.

◦ Nail scars on wrist, and a stab scar on mid-back.

◦ Random beauty marks all over body.