I was at a construction site and I was walking. I saw someone I haven't seen for some time time named Chris. He was sitting with someone and talking. I approached them I wanted to speak with Chris, so I began talking to him. We walked away so we could speak privately.

We were now standing on a pile of wet dirt. As I tried talking to Chris, more people appeared and stood around us. I got annoyed, so we walked away and they still followed. I eventually told Chris I wanted to be able to contact him. He told me he didn't know what happened to me.

He said I ditched him and that I didn't show up two Fridays because I was on a vacation and that I had taken a very long vacation after that. I explained to him that I didn't show up on Fridays because it was busy. I also stopped showing up for another reason, that being because I didn't have transportation.

Suddenly, someone began to attack Chris and I wasn't standing next to him anymore. I was now at the bottom of this dirt pile. I tried to see what was going on. I could hear this man beating up Chris. Then the construction workers told the man that was enough and got him out of the way.

I was now back at the top and I saw Chris. He didn't look too bad. Then the construction workers tried stopping this man. We were inside a building and one worker and the man were in a hallway. The worker tried to punch the man, but he grabbed the worker's arm and broke it.

Another worker became angry and punched the man. Then he moved back and tried closing the door, but the man did a roundhouse and kicked the door, busting it into pieces. Then another worker kicked the man, but after he did that, he was in the air, spinning rapidly. The man charged out of the hallway and did a jump kick at the worker in the air.

The two flew out of a window. It was now nighttime and I saw the two fall to their deaths. The man smashed on top of a car and everyone began freaking out.

Then everything was in an overhead view and the workers were down their. One started the smashed car and let it drive on its own with the man still on the top. I laughed about this. The car drove to the right from where I was viewing it. Suddenly, the police showed up and the car hit one police car.

The car then backed up and turned diagonally up right and bumped into another police car. Then it backed up and drove diagonally down right and bumped into another police car. The car couldn't go anywhere, so everyone ran away to escape from the police. Then I appeared somewhere else and Chris was meditating. Then I woke up.

I was sitting with my friend and someone else and we were in some room like one with an audience, except what we were watching was on television. Some female comedian was in the U.K. She was trying to improvise, so she asked the audience what accent she should use. They said, "Australian".

The comedian then said she was from Australia, but I couldn't tell because I didn't hear an accent. She mentioned the word "pen", but her audience didn't understand what she was saying, so she said it the way they did by saying, "poon". I thought, "Poon? Isn't that something else?"

So the comedian was going to try singing something to go along with the joke she was setting up. Once she did it, it wasn't funny. In fact, I had realized my friend hadn't laughed throughout the entire thing, nor did I. So I asked him, "Do you want to watch Jimmy Carr?" I must have woke up.

My sister was looking for notebooks and she asked if I had any. I tried hiding mine and figuring out which one I'd let her use. My sister found one and I didn't know what contents were in it, but she asked me if it was fine to use. I told her yes, but shortly after she was talking to my brother.

So, I was in my room on the computer and I heard my sister say something about having found the names "Samantha" and "Hannah" in the notebook I was letting her use. I thought I was going to get in trouble because I had drawn some hentai. I believe I woke up.