Taika's Magical Land

You were inside the train once more. This time you were in the very back, facing the read door. Between the door stood Taika, an energetic witch dressed in purple, orange, and black. Her hair and clothes flying in the wind. In one hand she held her broom, the other one was holding down her little witch hat. She looked you up and down, smiling at the sight of someone new. Lucina sat on the window ledge watching you guys. "Can I experiment on this one?" She smirks at you and reaches out her hand for a shake. But as soon as she lets go, her hat goes flying off. "Hold on tight." Without a pause she grabs you, pulls you onto her broom, places your arms around her waist, and off you guys go chasing after her hat. Lucina laughs flying right next to you guys at the same high speed. Taika's fingers were inches away from reaching her hat. But once she had caught it, everything came to a halting stop.

Taika escapes your grip. Spins around and stand on the tip of her broom. She places her hat back on her head and introduce herself. "Well that must scared the hajibis out of you. I am Taika the magical witch. I'd welcome you to my magical home if I could find it. It's on the move again. Yo, Lucina do you see a trail of sparkles?" Taika turned to look at the little angel but she was already going off towards her world. Takia smiles and points to Lucina, commanding her broom forward.

Once you guys land an old, plentiful town stands before you. There were little markets and shops, houses and people roaming a streets. There was even a town hall and at the heart of the city was a big fountain and the city center, where everything could be found, from the food market, shopping malls, to the black market and magical shops. Most everything here worked on magic. Looking through the windows, you could see things floating around, moving on their own. You saw various people with winds and brooms flying around in the sky. But the best was yet to come. She took you farther into the outskirts of the town's edge. She showed you around the magic academy, she showed you the massive building of various guilds, she took you to see the battle arenas, and even the courtyard with all he familiar pets and fellow wizards and witches.

The last stop was her house, her lab. One of the biggest buildings and tallest ones out there. There it stood on top of a hill that overlooked everything. There it was a big mansion with a stunning garden and outdoor pool. There were magical creatures roaming everywhere. It was like they all came out of a fantasy book, which they kind of did. There was even creatures never before seen and made from scratch. But she pushed you inside, past all of this amazement. She pushed you past the lobby, up the stairs, and into secret doors. Once inside you see a vast room. Books lined one wall, potions and jars covered the other. Papers scattered all over the large office desk that sits in the middle of the room. Next to that were test tubes, chemicals, and questionable ingredients; it was all set up like a mini lab. But she continued to guide you on, until you guys reached a set of elevator doors. There was only one button inside; up. Once the doors open, Taika happily ran ahead an spun around. It was like a big observatory, without the telescope inside. Instead there stood a pedestal and the biggest floating book right in the middle of the room. Lucina ran over to look outside the glass dome.

"This is my magical world, and you are standing right at the heart of it. This is where anything and everything comes to life. There's only one thing you need to fit in and that is imagination. Whatever comes to the mind. I came bring to live. Now just watch this. Lets go Lucina, it's time for sparkles." At the sound of this Lucina happily jumps up and down as she joins Taika. With each standing on one side of the book, they joined their hands and closed their eyes. An array of colors emit from their body. The book glows as the pages started to rapidly flip. At their feet there's a magical circle, wind surrounding them. The glass dome takes the colors and projects it out into the sky. An aura of light covered the whole land. You hear the cry of a mystical bird, the call of the wild, the roar of a lion. Rays of light took all of these forms and moved around just like it was alive. It was literally a light show made of magic. The great vast bird gliding around. The mighty cats pouncing. Magical flowers dancing around. Even little figurines moved about. Everyone stopped to watch the show, others joined in adding their own twist. When it was all over everything came back into the great big book of spells.

The girls turned around and smiled at you. "The world of magic is like a dream. Don't you grow up to be a sickly, old, boring person. Come we have to go now." Not taking any questions she pushed into the elevator and back out into the front of her mansion. She looked into the sky and spots a dim light. "Hope you're up for another crazy ride. Cause here she comes." Taika steps back. She smiles at you and waves. Right at that moment you are swooped away. You find yourself sitting on a large phoenix. A warrior girl stands before you, "Finally it's my turn." And the next adventure begins.