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Artemis's Stories
Currently working on Venomous Blood Story and other shorts for the story
Sleeping Beauty - Revisioned by Me Take Two
Amelia stood next to the Scientist in the training room. It was actually quite big for it to be inside of a not so big building. But what does she knows anyways she has been asleep for the past ten years! Ten years, it was a lot to process for the young girl. A lot she didn't want to process but instead stood and watched as the Genie danced around the field annoying her comrades. The Vampire was off to the side watching but was also in the process of being pestered by the werewolf.

"Natural enemies...no surprise he wants to kill him." Amelia smiled a little, it soon vanished when he called the others over. The Genie was the first to appear teleporting before the girl. "Hi," Up close Amelia could see that the genie had emerald eyes, dark hair that almost looked blue and fair skin that was nicely tanned. "Sapphira, she just woke up...space." The Genie pouted and moved back just a bit. "Everyone meet Amelia, she will be joining you tonight."

"What is her gift?" The phantom one asked looking her over as if she was some sort of alien. "I don't know," Amelia muttered looking at the ground as if it would suddenly open up and swallow her whole. "How do you not know? Aren't you a witch?" Amelia looked up and glanced back at the one who had asked her. It was the vampire, his eyes bore into her. She felt a bit uncomfortable. "I hav-"

"She just hasn't practiced her abilities just yet." Alec glared over at the vampire who looked away with a grunt. "Do we get to train her?" Alec shook his head. "No time for that," "So you called us for...?" The werewolf ran a hand through his hair annoyed. He looked as if he didn't want to be there at all. Which wasn't far from the truth.

"Brief you on your roles."

Alec held a pad in his hand which with one simple touch showed a holographic image of all four of them in different outfits. "Sapp you will take on the role as the Serpent tamer." The genie smirked snapping her fingers to summon forth a yellow snake with the same emerald eyes as her own. "Goodie so that means my pet gets to play finally." She held said pet up for everyone to see and once she was done with her little display she wrapped the snake around her shoulders.

"Trinity you will be sneaking around the circus grounds looking for any weak spots. Report to me when you are done." The phantom girl nodded her head and disappeared from the training room. "Tyr,"

"Human beast..." Alec rolled his eyes but nodded his head. "Yes you seem like you like that better anyways." Tyr turned and walked out of the room which left the Genie, Amelia, the vampire and Alec. Alec looked at the vampire then back at Amelia. "You are teamed up with Zachariah." Again a snort from the vampire as he walked over to Alec. "You are teaming me up with a human." Amelia narrowed her eyes on the vampire. "Zac,"

"I can do this alone." Amelia grunted and looked at Alec. "Don't get this hero complex thing going on. I won't slow you down." The genie looked on amused. She could see the aura's of all living things and the color that she was seeing around Amelia was that of rage. "Like hell you won't...a witch who can't even cast a spell." Amelia narrowed her eyes on the vampire and as if on cue. Her magic activated themselves. A hand shot to his chest covering his heart. It felt really...cold. Colder then usual. "What was that about me not knowing any magic?" Alec placed a hand on her shoulder and smiled.

"For someone who doesn't remember using magic...you can tap into it well. Now release him." Amelia frowned but obeyed. Zac took in a deep breath as if it would start his heart again and glared at the witch. "I guess you aren't totally useless." Zac turned and left the room without another word.

"Alec can I talk to you alone?" Sapphira looked over at Amelia who got the hint and left the two alone. "What is she really?"

"Sleeping beauty."

"That doesn't explain anything, I am getting mixed vibes from that girl." Alec smirked and tapped the screen and showed her the image. Her eyes widened a bit before they narrowed into slits. "And you are letting her stay here?" "She isn't a threat to us." "Her mother will find out that she is alive." Alec shrugged his shoulders and pushed up his glasses. "Let her find out, its war anyways."

"A war no one wants to be in." Alec snapped his fingers and electricity danced around the room until it reached the lights shutting them off. Sapphira stood there for just a second in the darkness before she too left to get ready for the night.

Amelia's Mother

A wine glass in her hand filled with crystal clear liquid in which one would mistake for a mirror. Blue eyes narrowed at the door on the other side of her room. She didn't want anyone to ruin her day. "What do you want?" She questioned as the object of her annoyance walked into the room. Silvery white hair trailing down his back in a loose ponytail, baby blue eyes standing out against pale white skin that was almost the color of milk. "To tell you that the show will beginning soon." The woman grunted rolling her eyes lightly.

"I know this but tell me why you are really here." He sucked in the air and released the breath glancing back at the woman near the window.. "Alec," The witch raised an eyebrow as if she should be worried. "The scientist..." She laughed and brought her glass to her lips once she was done she tossed it to the side. The man never once flinched. "That scientist won't do anything...he wouldn't dare."

"Are you so sure?" Narrowing her blue eyes they drifted back over to the man who suddenly doubled over choking. "How many times must I tell you to never doubt me?" Walking over to the man now on his knees she leaned forward and wrapped her hand tightly around his throat. "If you wish to keep that tongue of yours do not ever talk back to me banshee." Nodding his head slowly the witch released the man causing him to choke on air. "Now leave me, I must get ready for the show." Standing up as quickly as possible the Banshee exited the room. Once outside of the room he was leaning back against the door.

It's been ten years since the Earth fell under the rule of magic and its been three years since he became a banshee and another two since he began working for that b*tch. Every single day that he breathed the earth's magical air, he regrets ever selling his soul to that woman. Doing her bidding and never once stepping out against her. There was nothing more he could possibly do, he was trapped.

Amelia & the Others

"I feel ridiculous!" "You look fine." "She looks ridiculous," Sapphira glared over at the shirtless Tyr who merely laughed and shrugged his shoulders. Sapphira dressed up like a genie fixed the outfit that Amelia had on. "You are going in as a worker so you have to wear the costume." Amelia shook her head annoyed. Her mother was a twisted woman.

She looked like a fairy tale gone wrong. Her usually dark hair was curly and fell just past her shoulders. Instead of blue eyes they were lavender colored. Her body was clad in a white and black bodice accompanied by black pants with the bottoms disappearing into black knee length boots. "They must really like dark colors." "You could be red..." "No...no and no."

"Why not you could be red and I could be the big bad werewolf." Tyr winked which caused Amelia to blush. "Shove it Tyr no one wants to be your little red." Tyr pouted a little bit. Zac walked into the room and they noticed the annoyed expression upon his face. But after seeing Amelia in her outfit did a double take and smiled. "Lookie here, the princess is all decked out."

"Shove it Fang face." Tyr laughed but was quickly silenced by Trinity who smacked him in the back of his head. "Shut it mutt." Tyr growled.

"If you kiddies are done shall we go...where is your cloak?" Amelia held it up. Despite the dark colors she wore she was expected to wear something that was similar to a fairy tale. She was given Snow White. "Why do I have to wear this crap while he wears a suit?" Alec shrugged his shoulders and smiled. Putting on a hat he began to walk towards the door.

"Let's go we have work to do." Amelia put on her blue cloak which could be easily turned into a red one if she flipped it. Sapphira giggled.

"This is going to be fun."

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