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Artemis's Stories
Currently working on Venomous Blood Story and other shorts for the story
Sleeping Beauty - Revisioned by Me
Art, Dance and even magic was her cup of tea. It was who she was and she practiced all three well. With magic she could conjure the good and the bad but preferred the good over the bad any day. She was a force to be reckoned with. Her mother however never once saw her as a threat and plotted against the young girl. No one truly understood the woman's jealousy until the girl fell into a deep sleep becoming a living and breathing beautiful death.

The girl was meant to remain asleep for all eternity and as you know eternity is such a long time.

Ten years after the young girl was put under a spell, she was awakened by a man who did not believe in magic. He believed in Science and yet he had magic much like the rest of the world.

What was his story and why did he have a Genie, a Phantom, a Vampire and Werewolf locked up in specially made rooms?

After Sleeping beauty wakes up

"Sleeping beauty is finally awake." A voice brought the dark haired girl back to reality. Turning from the image before her she spotted a man dressed in what appeared to be a lab coat. His hazel eyes watching her as if she was the most interesting thing in the room, in a way she was. "Who are you?" Voice so soft one would have missed what had been said. "Who I am isn't important but you can call me Alec for the time being." The girl stared at the man as he walked into the room, pushing up the wire rimmed glasses that to her hid away those hazel eyes of his.

"What year is it?" She questioned and he merely smiled lowering the clipboard in his hand to his side. "2023," Her eyes began to widen slowly. "I have been asleep for ten years?" Alec nodded his head and turned to walk out of the room she had been occupying these last ten years. "Which is why I called you Sleeping beauty." A frown fell upon her face as she ran to catch up to him. "I am not a damsel."

"I never called you one." "You implied it by calling me Sleeping beauty." A soft chuckle escaped his lips as he stopped before a giant screen. The girl looked around the room. It was clean to the point where if she searched there would be a speck of dust, dirt anywhere. "Do you remember your name?" "Amelia," She smiled lightly and her eyes returned to the man in the lab coat. "Do you remember who put you to sleep?" "No," "Your mother," She glanced at him questionably. "Why my mother?" Turning to the side he reached out to the dashboard and pressed a red button. The screen turned on revealing the image of her mother. Youthful and as wickedly beautiful as ever.

"Power, she wanted it all. She wanted what you had." Amelia crossed her arms over her chest and glanced at him briefly. "I don't any powers." He smiled. "You don't remember do you?" Amelia raised an eyebrow at the man. "Remember what?"

"What you could do?" He sighed and pressed another button which showcased her picture and a number of notes. The notes were all about her. "What is this?"

"Research on Sleeping Beauty." She glared. "Before you were put into a deep sleep almost ten years ago. Your Mother discovered a reason to her problem." Amelia stepped closer and began to read the notes on her. "She couldn't unlock her full potential with you in the picture." Amelia gave him a look and went back to reading. "She actually didn't realize this until she did the deed...after the deed was done, she took it upon herself to cast a world wide spell which would bring magic into our world." Amelia stepped back and looked at the man.

"Magic never actually existed on this plane."
"You don't believe?" He shook his head. "Despite having magic myself," To prove his point electric static entered the room brushing against her skin slightly. "I don't believe in using magic." She tilted her head to the side she began to wonder. "How did you bring me back?" "Science, I found a way around the complex magical barrier that was encasing your body." He smirked shrugging his shoulders. "It wasn't easy but I got through it."

"So basically you used Alchemy?"
"No not Alchemy...science. Pure intellect is the reason you are back." She shook her head at the man and returned to the screen. "Why am I back anyways?" "First things first you need a short history lesson of the last ten years." Her eyes drifted over to him in curiosity.

Ten minutes went by and Amelia found herself sitting at a table with Alec across from her with a laptop next to him. "So what have I missed in the last ten years?" She questioned and he took in a deep breath turning on his laptop she glanced at it. "A lot...you see this here..." She nodded her head. "Yeah the jet stream." "It's not the jet stream anymore, because of that spell your mother cast ten years ago the jet stream has become a tether for magic." "It is basically the Essence of magic?" He nodded his head and continued.

"That isn't the only thing that has changed." Pressing a button a slide show of different creatures began to appear before her. "What does this have to do with anything?" "Everything, the ozone layer weakened over time and star particles has fell onto our planet." She stared at him with a raised eyebrow. "Let me make this simple for you to understand...you know the falling star tale you probably heard as a child, make a wish and it might come true." She nodded her head slowly. "In this case if a star particle touches you and you are thinking of a certain creature at that time...you become it with no way of returning to normal." Amelia didn't say a word.

"Does it affect me?" "No you are out of the bounds of this if anything you would gain a boost in your magic if a star particle was to touch you." "How often does it occur?" Leaning back in his chair he placed his hands in the pockets of his lab coat and began to play with a pen he had left there from earlier. "Every Month or so...sometimes it happens at random." "Are you excluded from this?" "I wish I was but I am not." Looking down her hands she ignored Alec briefly, well until he cough breaking the silence.

"What's this?" She questioned as he brought of four different images...moving images...videos of four different people. "Four subjects who never wanted there curses." Amelia looked at each one. "Tell me about them."

Nodding his head he enlarged one of a girl who looked as if she was belly dancing around the room. The girl stopped and glanced up with a smile. "Who is she?" "She is a Genie." Amelia looked surprised. "Never her choice though, from what she told me she wanted to be able make her wishes come true and so the Star Particle turned her into a Genie." "So she could grant wishes for eternity." Alec nodded his head.

"She doesn't have a lamp and doesn't want one. I am sure there is someone in the city that has begun making lamps to capture rogue Genies like her." Amelia watched as the screen returned to normal and the next image was of another girl touching the wall as if she was trying to find a way to escape. "A phantom," Alec whispered as Amelia watched the screen. "Explain,"

"She wanted to disappear from her life, she didn't want to be noticed by anyone anymore...she got her wish when a Star Particle touched her." "How are we seeing her now?" "She was turned into a Phantom two years ago, her abilities have advanced over the years. So now she can become solid whenever she wants." Amelia nodded her head as this one returned to normal size and next came the image of a boy sleeping on his bed. His wild hair fell into his face lazily.

"Werewolf," Amelia raised an eyebrow. "He...wanted to be a party animal...a beast." Alec shrugged his shoulders. "He became one a year ago." Alec then took in a deep breath as he brought up the last one. This one seemed different. He was sitting in the corner of his room staring at the ground, his hair hiding his eyes so she could not see. "Vampire," He muttered and her eyes drifted over to him.

"Choice or..."

"Turned..." Her eyes returned to the screen as he looked up at the camera eyes a strange color. He began to get up never taking his eyes off the camera. It was as if he was looking at her. "So he is like me?" Alec shook his head. "Far from it...you are alive and he is dead. He doesn't have a beating heart anymore." Amelia sat back in her chair and looked at the screen. "Why did you show me them?"

"I have a job for you five." Amelia looked over at him as he reached for the computer bringing up another screen. It was of a circus. "Wha-"

"The very thing your Mother prides herself on." Amelia frowned. "A circus?" He nodded his head lightly. "About six others work at this circus every week. They have no choice in the matter." Amelia raised an eyebrow. "They owe your mother a debt so she makes them entertain the people of the city every week." "So what does that have to do with us?"

"Tonight is one of the shows." Amelia didn't like where this was going. "I find it amusing that I happen to finally wake up on the night of your attack." "Not attack...take down. We are going to ruin your mothers show tonight." "What about you?"

"I will attend as a guest and you and the others will work behind the scenes."

"What if we fail?" He smirked. "You won't and besides the circus isn't the only thing that your mother prides herself on." "Then what is her Pride and joy?" "The Mystical Affairs Building...it is her main base of operation. It is also where she has her very own personal fountain of youth." Amelia looked skeptical. "Fountain of youth?" "That is another tale for another time...in the mean time why don't you meet the others." Amelia sighed and nodded her head pushing back from the table to stand up. Alec soon followed suit and showed her to the training room of the lab.

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