Patrick: Chelsea, you're like totes my best friend in the enitre world. You make me laugh, you make me smile, and honestly, the only person in the world that doesn't drive me up a wall. You have a beautiful smile, that I am lucky enough to see when I can <3 and You are the only person that likes me singing. I love you and your personality, and no one in the world could possibly replace you. I know I'm sometimes slow to reply but you let it go and you still let me glomp you so it's legitly awesome . You have the world's coolest hoodie and I'm totes jealous of it. and you are the one who got me in the habit of saying obv. Honestly, you are the best person to talk to and I could never ask for someone better. I love you Chelsea, you're beautiful and unique.

Amy: Kathie, Kathie, Kathie… or Chelsea.
Definition of Kathie/Chelsea: Girl, who is beautiful, funny, a little annoying, honest, clingy and clumsy. She is fragile and always there for her friends. She is really franc, but she is perfect like that. You have been one of my close friends since a long time, you have been the one to help me get through all my bad times, even though you say you are bad at giving advises, you really did help me. Your honesty is wonderful. We had our difficulties, but at the end, we always come back to being good buddies. You can be a bit annoying and complicated but those flaws make you adorable. Yes, adorable, but yet , you’re so beautiful/pretty/gorgeous /cute/everything that is beautiful. Don’t tell me you aren’t like you always do, I will smack you. I adore you Kathie, you are like a little sister for me. You have always been there for me, we might annoy each other sometimes, but we don’t care because we love each other the way we are.So remember, when everything is going bad for you, I’m there to give you my stupid advises and cheer you up with my random videos. Tu es magnifique, ne changes jamais pour qui que se soit. Je t’adore. (have fun copy/paste this sh*t on google translator) c;
XOX. Amy

Rika: This girl right hurr. Chelsea. Ohmigurd shes gorgeous and I've known her for like 2 years and I never EVER regret meeting her. We used to talk a lot. Then stopped. And started talking again and i swear to gawd if we stop talking again I will cry. In a corner. Forever. Anywho. I love you a lot Chelsea and you're the most awesome Canaderman I've ever met. Kay toodles c: I hope you don't get hurt riding your moose to school <3

Michelle: haaai, i'm michelle, kathie's very best frand. c:
you're one of my oldest friends on here, we go way back.
we've been through a lot, even though most of it was stupid sh*t.
just wanted to say that i'll always be here for you because our bond is just that strong. <3
you never fail to make me laugh; you're the reason i always have a smile on my faise.
we may get in arguments sumtimes.. well like everyday but its ok because its stupid arguments. like literally, we argue about who has more hw. xD
heart dramallama heart

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