Okay, well BIG news update. Curtis and I were talking for about 5 days straight only interrupted with sleep, rehearsals, and classes. So, last night (1/24/13) he asks me out. Stupid me forgets to ask my friend, HIS EXGIRLFRIEND, Tiffany if she is okay with this. Naturally, she found out the next day (today) ... yea didn't and hasn't talked to me ... I am pretty sure it is safe to say she is beyond pissed off at me with every cell in her body and I don't blame her one bit. I want her to just really tell me off. I mean like scream almost bich-slap crazy mad. Just so we can get this out of the way. I hate conflict, I really do. I'd really rather her just not be upset at all, I mean she was the one to break up with him but I do understand why she's upset. I mean after me (not even 12 hours) Michael dates Anna; about a week, give or take, Micah dates Paton; Nicky dating another person while dating me. Zack was really the only one not to immediately go date another girl after our break-up.... But still. I just REALLY most of all don't want it to end up how Mariah and Adele ended up. It really resembles it ... I mean Adele and Kevin haven't dated for a long time (granted, their's was a couple years) and then Kevin dated Mariah ... Adele got really upset by it and pretty much excommunicated Mariah, who returned the favor... Now it's Tiffany and Curtis haven't dated for a while (couple months) and then I date Curtis and now it seems Tiffany is upset. Please don't let her excommunicate me. Even if she does, I refuse to return the favor. I will, no matter what, let her know I am deeply sorry and regret I forgot to ask for her permission. I really do regret it. Now all I can do is hope she will find it inside her to forgive me because, I'm going to be realistic here ... I can only seek forgiveness from those who are willing to forgive. If she isn't willing to forgive me, I could blow all the rainbows and butterflies in apologies all day every day, but it won't make a hooting difference if she doesn't want them ... you got me stereotypical high school drama ... you really got me.