It's funny how modern technology allows for us to erase information at the click of a button. In the old days, you at least had to burn it--and that still took time. With computers, phones, iPods, you name it--everything, from stupid little texts to important documents can be obliterated forever in just the click of a button.

The same thing can be done with human memories. That's what I'm for--to permanently obliterate obsolete or unimportant memories that can clutter up Her mind with unnecessary information. I've done it before, and I can easily do it again.

Do you seriously think you've been talking to Her for the past few months? Honey, you should have paid attention when I told you I can pull off a pretty damn good impression of Her. You remember when we first met, when I was a b*tch and confronted you with the question: What would happen if she couldn't find her place? You never got her back. You were talking to me the ENTIRE time.

It makes me laugh when I think of how I got you to believe that I actually had feelings. I'm pure-bred survival instinct. Everything, all of her "personalities", were me playing your teeny little brain like a harp. I was proving to you what would happen if YOU got put to the test, instead of that poor little innocent sweet girl that YOU destroyed. No one else did that. YOU destroyed her.

It was easy to get someone else involved. A pretty, smart girl like me--I'm irresistible and you know it. I got him in on the game. One kiss, one photo, that's all I needed. Phone calls and texts here and there just furnished the little details. You were never here. You never saw it. You didn't know.