I was on a school bus and my brother and friend were there, and there was a white woman on the bus I once worked with from McDonald's. I sat on the left side and she noticed that I was sad about something. She asked me what it was. I don't recall much of this. I must have woke up.

I saw someone crawling and I thought, "That looks like a baby." He was crawling really fast, so I decided to join him by crawling on the ground as well. He would move fast while crawling, but he would tire out. I kept crawling and then I saw something strange. He had the face of an old man.

Ahead of us was some person holding a gun to some guy's head. We tried stopping that guy by shooting at him, but we kept missing. Eventually we got to the end and the guy shot the person. He began to slowly walk away to his left. I tried shooting him, but nothing was happening.

Then the baby tried helping the person who was shot in the head. The person ended up falling apart, yet the baby was on the person's leg. I wondered how that was possible and suddenly the baby fell and the person was lying over him. I saw the baby's face close up this time and his face reminded me of an old person you might see in the military. Then I woke up.

I was in a room and a woman asked a question I can't quite remember, but she asked if we were just bodies that looked attractive. A sudden realization occurred and I immediately said, "Our brain! We're our brain!" I tapped the right side of my head as I said this.

The teacher and the students suddenly looked at me like I went crazy. Then we were outside and I began to speak passionately. I walked around in the midst of the students, saying, "People think of the mind as this ethereal thing, but it's not. It's a physical thing."

As I walked around, the students began to walk away and the teacher mentioned this. I knew what was going on and I told her, "This is like the days of Plato. People aren't interested in truth." Then I told my teacher I need to contact scientists about this and the first person I thought of what Neil deGrasse Tyson.

I realized he was an astrophysicist, so I wasn't sure why I would contact him. I was then in the backyard of my deceased grandma's house. I went inside and took a sheet of paper, but I wasn't sure who I wanted to call. My teacher was now a black woman and she was still wondering why I was so fervent.

So I told her that the brain needs to survive and the only way it can do this is by reproducing. We use our bodies to attract mates and a long time ago we didn't have much time. When I spoke, I kept spitting for some reason and I was annoyed by it. I wiped my mouth with my sleeve, but I still spat.

After I told her, she was in awe. I said, "I must have been incubating this idea and what you said made me realize it." Somewhere around that time I called the black woman, "Mom", but I laughed and said, "I know you're not really my mom, but we're close so I guess I could call you that."

My teacher was worried about me not having enough evidence, but I felt it made logical sense I referred to it as my hypothesis. Then I asked who I should call, and then the name "Lennox" came up. I saw an old, white man in a laboratory coat. Then I went over to the sink and my sister was there.

She asked me what was going on, and I told her I felt I made a scientific discovery about evolution. I sensed her disbelief because I was aware she's most likely a Creationist. Then I went over to the counter and my sister began to write on the sheet of paper, but I told her I needed to use that. So she scribbled out what she was writing.

I told my sister that this was very important and I've always wanted to make a change in history. Then I told her, "Imagine me being in scientific history!" She asked me a question I don't remember, but I told her, "I don't care about dreams right now. Sorry." Then I woke up.