My name is Bael Zuranth, pronounced Bay El Zer Ron Th. I was formerly known as Ba-Kurel, pronounced Bah Ker El. I am what is known as a Fallen Fayeth, pronounced Fey Yeth. A Fayeth is a being that holds tremendous power and honor from within its own realm of existence. Now, this is not some cult or council. It is just a group of beings that come together as their destinies intertwine. They did not really know they were going to become Fayeth, nor did they always know that they had become Fayeth until something was suddenly different about them. For me, it was my form. I am a Dragon, more specifically, I am a Volcanic Sky Dragon. I breathe fire, I spit lava, I can fly, I can create tornadoes with my four large wings. Pretty simple right? Well, I was a happy dragon, none ever tried to take my treasure, because I was a strange dragon, I would give my treasures to those who needed it, on the promise that they would return it. If they didn't I would incinerate them and take all of their treasure for myself. See? I am not such a bad dragon am I?

Well, one day, I ran into a being... or creature... or whatever the hell you want to call this thing. It's name was Kross. I tried to talk to him, but he never said a word. He just stood there, with a blank look on his face. After he and I stared at each other for what felt like hours, he smiled and left. He just left. I found it rather odd that someone would just appear and leave like that, he didn't even offer me questions or request anything. I thought he just wanted to see if the tales were true about the helpful dragon. A few weeks went by and I started to realize something. I kept dreaming about being smaller, having no wings, just long ears. I looked like that man I had seen before, only different. After months of the same recurring dream, I woke up one night to a frightening sight, I had Shrunk! I was tiny! I tried to crawl over to my reflection lake, but I had no tail or wings to keep me balanced. I looked down and saw that I had these things called "hands" and "feet",

It was not long after that I was visited by Kross again. He told me that I had become a Fayeth, a being of incredible power. He offered me a home, aside from my own domain... which was only accessible through flying out of a hole in the top of a mountain. It was not much longer after I took Kross' offer, that I learned how to change between my two forms. I could now walk through towns, without people screaming about there being a dragon in their town. After some centuries with Kross and a few other Fayeth, there was a huge dispute over leadership. The Fayeth never had a set leader, people just followed who they felt was right. Which was most often Kross. The one who brought up the issue was an angel named Crocell. This kid, let me tell you, was a piece of work. An angel that got a taste of dark power, went rogue and now lusts for nothing but more power. But yet he is still considered an angel because he has earned praise and forgiveness for killing off armies of those who are considered wicked.

But Crocell wanted more power, Kross was our friend, he was one hell of a fighter, and he knew who would make a good Fayeth. Crocell was not his choice. Crocell wanted to be the leader, he wanted to turn the Fayeth into a force of power, to rule over those around them. Kross wanted the Fayeth to be a force of peace. One that would only fight to preserve natural order. He had a huge heart. That was something rare. But Crocell had his own ideas to attend to, while Kross and I had our own group. Crocell had a bigger group. We had Kross, Myself, Ark, and Valena on our side. As well as the support of the new kid, Marchosias. Marchosias was a good kid, big heart like Kross. But he was inexperienced. We got into a fight against Crocell and his group. We ended up losing Kross when we all failed to defeat our own targets. All except Valena and Kross. Those two were meant for each other. They were considered the two strongest of our entire group. And it showed.

After Kross' fall, he bid the rest of us to flee, Marchosias refused and struck out at Crocell, only to be taken down by this murderous Fayeth named Vyne. Vyne ripped off two of Marchosias' wings. He also put his signature mark on Marchosias. A single scar on the back, in the shape of a Crescent Moon. He branded Marchosias with that scar. The rest of us took flight, it took both myself and Ark to drag Valena away from the fight, carrying Kross on my back and Ark carrying Valena in his arms.

After that, we were considered exiles, Fallen Fayeth. Crocell assumed control and our places in the Fayeth were filled with new beings. But since we had not died, we still kept our Fayeth powers. Which is how I am able to tell of my tale. As for Kross, well, he followed the Fayeth death cycle. When a Fayeth dies, they turn to aura and energy, their soul being encased in a shield of that aura, untouchable by any being of any existence or power. The soul is then sent back in metaphysical time to the point just before they became a Fayeth, only this time, they are not turned into a Fayeth and are allowed to continue their lives as would be normal.