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Meyaira Firespring
Community Member
We're Having a Cyclone
Or, to be more specific, we're getting some gusts and all the rain from the cyclone (Cyclone Oswald). The rainy weather is wonderful! I love rainy days and storms like this, especially when they break up a sweltering summer like we've been having.

The only thing I am worried about is the flash flooding. It's been raining steadily since yesterday evening or maybe the one before. All that hard dirt that was baked in the sun is not letting the water seep in so it has nowhere to go. It's sitting on the surface and gushing out of drains. And the roadworks going on along all the main roads at the moment are now sporting some pretty impressive pot holes.

The road workers are doing their best to maintain them. They graded the road to our place at 8am this morning and then again today so that the pot holes wouldn't be too bad. Unfortunately, they'd picked a really bad time to unseal it (take off all the tar, exposing the gravel and dirt underneath). They couldn't have known this was going to happen.

I had a driving lesson today in the bucketing rain. It was scary but I wasn't too anxious. I have a really good driving instructor who is very patient and calm. He seems to be used to scary stuff like people turning off round-a-bouts without indicating. I was learning a manual but work has asked me to hurry it up (and I agree, I do want my P plates really badly and I should have them by now). So I'm leaning automatic, booking a lesson a week. The lessons go for an hour roughly and are $66.00. Not cheap, but that's the only way I'm gonna pass my test. My brother seemed to do it so easily (in a manual no less). But he's a lot more confident and doesn't have my anxiety issues. He has a nice car that he's paying off. You can bet he didn't drive that in the downpour today. What with roadworks, delays, pot holes, mud and so on.

Oh yeah, and I saw a fallen tree when I had my driving lesson in town. It was a beautiful big eucalyptus and I was sad to see it had fallen. It was growing on a sloping yard with soft soil and bark chips and the rain had caused a small mud slide, uprooting the tree and turning it over, so it lay on its side across the road. I don't know if they can save it but it's sad to see that happen to such a lovely tree.

One of my work colleagues had a tree fall on her house last night actually. I'm not sure of the damage it's caused to their roof yet but I am hoping it's not too bad.

But still, one cool thing about the cyclone is we could go on BOM and see the radar loop and you could see the density of the rain and see the swirling pattern of the cloud!

Right now, I'm also praying that the veterinary clinic down the road will be alright. The land around it is really flooded and looks like a small river has overflowed the area. I'm hoping all the cats, dogs, horses and other animals are going to be okay and that they will be able to move them to safety if they have to. The police were there keeping an eye on things when we went past, so hopefully everything will be okay.

Ah, and apart from all the rain (it's still raining right now, a very soothing patter but steady), I am happy to say that it's Australia Day on the 27th! We get to have the 28th free to celebrate it with our friends and family. I'm so grateful and so blessed to live here in this country, I give thanks to God as often as I can.

Well, I'll end this here for now. I should probably log off soon anyway. Got a kitty on my bed keeping me company and I'm starting to get sleepy.

Let's hope that after all this rain, everything will be beautiful and green and we won't have too many weeds.

God bless, always.


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