So last night I made a great accomplishment.

It was the first time I've ever successfully repaired a VHS camcorder. Yep, that's right. The unit was a 1989 Magnavox Movie Maker CCD camera. Turned out that one of the belts actually needs replacing. Upon looking at it, I noticed it was all warped. Because of that, the camera could only rewind/fast forward tapes, but it wouldn't play or record them. Last night I pulled the belt off the gears it was attached to, and re-inserted it. Since then, the camera has been working quite nicely. I ordered another belt online for it, which I will install into it once it arrives.

Besides the belt, I can record with it and it works pretty much perfectly. Not bad for a thrift store find. The only problem I'm having with it now is getting the date and time to work. Before, I figured out that the clock battery was actually missing, so I put in a new one. That enabled the date/time text to display, but now it seems to be stuck in the "edit" mode. I can actually set the date and time on the camera, and it will retain the settings even after the camera's powered off. However, I can't actually use the feature while I'm recording a tape.

As I'm filming with the video camera, if I press the date/time button, the date/time text will appear, but in a blinking state, indicating that it's still in "edit" mode. When I play the recorded tape back, the text never appears. So I'm completely stumped as to how I can sort of "lock" the clock settings so I can superimpose the clock while I'm filming onto the tape.

The camera didn't come with a manual, and I couldn't find the manual online for this specific camera either.

Anyway, that's about it...