Okay, this can't be just me.

I find that shorts designed for girls are, oh idk, slutty. sweatdrop

Like, on some girls, it fits them and looks quite nice on them. Those are girls who often show their legs and so I don't really think it's that bad. However, I myself won't wear it.


In all the sports I join, I try to go full-out. This means knee slides and knee slides means burns and scabs and bruises and scars. Basically, the way I do it, I collect battle wounds.

It looks tough. I'm quite proud of it in most cases. when it comes to showing it off to the public... Well, I was never that type of person.

I have beautiful girls in my class whose legs are absolutely stunning. I'm fine with those girls wearing shorts and stuff, because it suits them, not in an offensive way.

Then there are those girls who aren't quite suited for revealing clothing but wear them anyways. To me, that's fine too. Those people are usually the ones with a lot of energy, unafraid, confident.

I don't wear skimpy clothes. I never did and I never will.

That's part of why my heart drops especially when getting clothes.

First off, I like wearing jeans, an undershirt, and sweater. Anything more of anything less is uncomfortable in the most irritable manner.

Today, while practicing my piano, my parents came home.

If I were to translate the conversation from Vietnamese to English, it'd probably be something like this..
Mom: "Lucia! We bought you something!"
I dread hearing this because it means they went out of their way to get me something they think I would like, but I know I wouldn't.
Me: "You.. did? I don't need anything."
I seriously don't need anything. I tell them this every time they buy things for me. I hate living in a wealthy household. I want to be poor again.
Mom: "Yeah, look!" *holds up girl shorts*
Me: "Mom.. Are those for girls?"
The reason I ask is because I'm strictly against wearing girl shorts because they are often, as stated earlier, slutty.
Mom: "Of course they are! Here, have them!"
Me: "Mom... I don't need shorts."

I feel horrible, like an unappreciative p***k. I hate shorts made for girls. I dislike showing anything above my knee. It feels uncomfortably revealing.

In fact, what made today's little experience worse was that this wasn't the first time. Last year, my parents bought me $50.00 shorts, and they didn't even reach halfway through my thigh. Like, honestly.

What hurts most is that I've told them several times that I'm content with what I have and that I don't need.. no, I don't want any more things.

I've also informed them about how I don't like wearing short clothing.

My parents aren't too lenient towards people who show a lot of their skin. I don't mind other people wearing skimpy things, but I wouldn't. My parents frown upon it. There they go, though, being short-shorts for me as if they think I'd actually wear it.

I hate it how they actually spend their money. I'd rather buy something I'd never use than have someone else buy me something I would never use.

After hesitantly accepting the shorts, my whole mood was wrecked. Still is, in fact. I'm so pissed off.

I've been their child for 14-going-on-15 years, and yet they still don't understand me. I guess it's hard to know how someone is, but that's not a valid excuse. I've told them time and again that I really don't like short clothing.


Well, back to homework~!
Goodnight to those nearing sleep. smile
As always, thanks for reading.

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