My father was the only I had left. My mother had died when I was a baby. Now, I'm the last one in my family. I know why Luis and Ada were the first to come to my aid. We're all close, but they lost their parents too. Luis' dad is in prison after his parents got into an ugly devorce and he killed Luis' mother. Ada's dad died in the war, and her mother became an alcoholic. Ada moved out about 2 years ago. The only normal family is Chris and Claire. Nothing has happened to their parents. Piers was an orphan at the age of 6 when his parents died in a car accident. An abusive father and a judgemental mother were the ones who adopted him. When he met us, he moved out as soon as he could. Chris and Claire's parents took them in. He's more of Chris and Claire's brother than just a friend now.
Chris,"Wait, our parents are out of town."
Claire,"Right, they wouldn't be back until tomorrow."
I hear foot steps, then a hand on my knee. Chris,"Your phone's vibrating. Says there's a call for you."
I grab the phone, lifting my head. I open my eyes and see that it's my dad's number. I answer and hestiate to talk,"Hello?"
A voice that is close to mine, but somewhat deeper, replies,"Leon? Are you alright?"
The voice makes me freeze. A minute ago I thought he was dead. He talks again,"Leon? You there?"
"Yeah, Dad. What happened?....I thought...."
He takes a deep breath,"I'm sorry. I dropped it running. It was a b**** to go back and get it, but I knew I had to get a hold of you somehow."