It's cold ;P

My lips are are chapped and split.
It's a bloody mess.

Don't make me laugh too hard.
I keep splitting open the corners of my mouth Dx

I never use chapstick, but I'm desperate ><
Burt's Bees do yo thang~

If I look grumpy, it's because my lips hurt and they feel most comfortable in the grumpy face position ;P

I kissed Charlie today because I haven't seen him in months. I split my lips from kissing him ;( It was worth it because he's the best <3~
(Charlie be mah favorite cat, keep yo minds outta da gutters yo~)

I tried going on the forums. I really did try. ;(
I don't think I should go on ever again.

My lips hurt ;(
Chance of me drooling in my sleep tonight= 100%