"If you love someone let them go...."

I was in love, in smug
I knew cause every time i saw her you could swear she'd change my mug,
I overdosed on her hugs that were like a drug.
And a voice that could make any heart drop,
She was so beautiful she could make your heart stop.
Like she did to me, when she said we weren't meant to be.
now this is where the plot starts, cause i let her go free
and ******** this is a decision i would regret rapidly,
but i don't want to be the reason for her heartache
even tho now my heartaches, i got so numb i didn't even feel it break
I couldn't even feel or taste. the very thought of her felt like a heart attack,
but my heart wasn't attached cause my heart was in her hands.
tried drinking the thoughts away, till she faded away
but; every time she squeezed I could feel my hollow chest deteriorate
As i could feel her name echo from my chest
A bayonet breath, I can see the midnight crest
I see death carved on me like a desk
makes me feel grotesque cause this s**t is killing me.
now all i'm doing is waiting for her to come back,
cause i wish we were meant to be.
till then it's just another love tragedy

"if they return keep them...cause it was meant to be"