Almost three years has gone by since, everyone thought I was dead. A few knew of me, but didn't know who I am. Being stuck in the Underworld wasn't so bad after all, I was able to make Darkworld. The Underworld may be good for some, but bad for others. On the other hand Darkworld was different, ruled by many lords no one had any power there. It lies deep within the Underworld hidden from many eyes and ears. And the lords are always looking for new comers to prey on. Well as for me I started it all, I didn't have any bad intention...... well maybe I did at first then got bored. Well anyways the lords I selected became the power of the Darkworld. Each of them have their own duties in the Darkworld, and as for me i was the main power of it all. Until one day, i decided to leave the Darkworld to the lords. The lords of the Darkworld weren't happy with it. Each of them fought against me, losing to them i felt useless. The lords carried me off back into the Darkworld, where a lady lies waiting for me.