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this will b pure random stuff, i doubt ill write in it much, but ull just hafta find that out 4 urself =P u nvr no... NVR!!!
I used to stand
All alone
Until they saw me
All alone.

A group of kids,
Ten in all,
They came and asked me
To play baseball.

“No thanks,” I said.
They said, “No way,
Come play with us,
It’ll brighten your day.”

I was forced to come
And play with them.
I had not known
What that would stem.

Two teams of five
Plus one umpire.
We started to play
And really perspire.

It was kind of fun
Playing with them.
It was kind of fun,
Like I was with friends.

I stepped up to home plate,
The pitcher squinted her eyes.
She was checking me out,
If I could hit pop flies.

She threw the ball.
I swung the bat.
There was no “Strike One!”
But no one mentioned that.

The pitcher aimed again,
The pressure was up.
There was no “Strike Two!”
Though my swing hiccupped.

This was my last chance,
The eyes stared at me.
I swung the bat
And there was no Strike Three.

I ran to first base
But no one seemed to care.
Someone threw the ball to first
But it rolled past the boy standing there.

Now the pressure was off me
And on the next at bat
Until it was my turn again
To step up and take the bat.

The umpire was a decoration:
He never made a call,
Not if the batter hit a foul,
Not if he caught the ball.

He did not call
When batters struck out.
He did not call,
He was only a lookout.

He only called
To end the game
If it needed to end early,
He was not to blame.

They played this game
For days and days,
Then weeks and months,
And all the time I stayed.

They threw the ball,
A tired thing
Battered from batting,
An exhausted thing.

Bruised from beatings,
Tattered from swinging,
Weak from colliding,
Dirty and aching.

The people at bat
Showed no mercy.
They swung with full power

I worked on my swing
And got better while playing.
I hit the ball every time
Even when something was aching.

They threw the ball.
I swung the bat.
They pushed the girl.
I swung the bat.

Then came the next ball.
I swung the bat.
Ball after boy.
I swung the bat.

Boy after boy.
Girl after that.
Boy after girl.
I swung the bat.

The pitcher threw them.
The pitcher pushed them.
The pitcher collected them.
The players hurt them.

The umpire stood.
He did not call.
Unless a spectator came
He did not call.

They ended the games
When everyone was tired.
Not when the balls were poor:
When everyone was tired.

If they happened to lose balls
There were more to be found.
Here at school
There were always balls around.

Where did the pitcher
Get all these balls?
What’s special about them,
All these balls?

They played this game
For days ongoing,
And all the time I stayed
Through the bullying.

I was forced to play this game,
I was forced to join the team.
I seemed to lose my mind
While my heart wanted to scream.

I swung the bat
At all the balls.
The victims cried
But there was no call.

I lost my head
During it all.
I almost forgot
I don’t like baseball.

I left the team.
They threw my ball.
But I made a curve
And I made a call.

They swung the bat.
But the secret was out.
Strike One, Strike Two, Strike Three,
They’re out.

I had to join the team
Once again.
To forget the game
They had taught me then.

The victims, too,
They came to this place
To forget the memories:
To cleanse and erase.

For weeks I stood
All alone.
And “no one” saw me
All alone.

A group of friends,
Now none at all,
They up and left me
While I played baseball.

“I’m sorry,” I said.
They said, “No way,
You played with them,
And intended to stay.”

I was a fool,
I don’t blame them.
I had not known
What that would stem.

I have a new life
Since I started over.
I learned my mistake
And now it’s over.

Don’t believe me?
You throw the ball.
I’ll swing the bat.
And I won’t miss it at all.

this is so long lol, and it took a long time to write/type, i think i finished this about 30min ago
hope you enjoy!^^
P.S. this is 168 lines, 42 stanzas lol, probably the longest poem i've written (yet?)
*EDIT 2/7/13* ive deleted "of" from the line "Now the pressure was off [of] me" 'XD

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