Hello there! emotion_yatta My name is vannah. I'm a 14 year old gamer, cosplayer, writer, and a really nice person. I'm a bro (pewdiepie) emotion_brofist BROFIST! I'm OBSSESED with Parle Productions. I'm a big fan of youtube and watch mainly lets plays or CMVs---(cosplay music video) MY favorite youtubers are (in no specific order) Pewdiepie, Tobuscus, fighting dreamers pro, jenxthejinx, vihart, attackingtucans, joshjepson, and xiaorishu. those are the people i watch ALL THE TIME. i do watch more but ya know these are just some favorites. I LOVE PLAYING VIDEO GAMES!! Um.. Favorite video games.. (once again no specific order) the legend of zelda (ALL), kingdom hearts (ALL), Final Fantasy (III, XIII, XIII 2), Left4dead2, super mario galaxy (the first one), and borderlands. i dont have cable so i dont watch much tv so i look up shows on netflix or crunchyroll and of course youtube. My favorite shows are My little pony, adventure time and super jail. i also like animes/manga. Mainly inyuasha, junjo romantica ( one and two) black butler, full metal alchemist, and hetalia. well ill put up part 2 later bye bye.