The snow was thicker than it had been in a long time as she sat on the window's

ledge, the hard rough cement beneath her finger tips. The other hand was now

pressed against the new patch of leather and mesh wire that was over her left eye.

She didn't blame anyone for the damage done, it was just something she expected

the council would do. She tried not to blush about her awakening in a cot, at her

side was the young Undertaker. It had been a year now that she sorted through her

feelings for the man that did the awful things he did to her, but he always

apologized in a sad and sincere manner that made her heart twist up. He didn't

enjoy his life under the Council either.

"Thais!" a voice called making her turn on her perch. Her feet still dangled in the air

above the ground. It was Macall of course, he looked out of breath and his face

was flushed a blotchy red color. Had he really run across the building to see her?

She picked up the tablet of parchment, ready to have a conversation that was sure

to be awkward and painful. Macall sat next to her to read the delicate scrip she had

perfected. It was sometimes difficult to have conversation, she always had to find a

pen if she felt like sharing with others. It often made her miss the days when Father

hadn't been cruel to her, the days were he just ignored her exsistance were the

best. He was a terrifying Lord and hated her very exsistance. Proof that the woman

he had loved died.

"Does it hurt, your eye I mean," he asked touching the tiny gap of flesh just

beneath the patch. It was rather large and nearly covered the rest of her face along

with the leather mask she always wore up her neck and covering her mouth and

nose. Writing quickly she replied.

"Not anymore, the nurses have given me medication to help it. What brings you

here?" she asked. He smiled up at her, last night he had finally come up with a

great plan to save her.

"I have a plan, one that if done accorddingly, won't end up in our deaths!" he began.

"We're going to leave, together with a couple others that without, the Council

wouldn't possibly be able to take us back," he whispered in her ear. She frowned.

"Are you certain?" she asked. He nodded pressing a list in her palm before leaving

with a hopefull gaze. They would be free, he would make sure of it.