1) Please be semi-literate to literate. If you are having writers block and can only do a one liner that is fine once or twice but please don't make it a regular thing.

2) Please be able to spell correctly and use proper grammar. I understand if you mess up spelling sometimes by accident, that is fine, I just don't want to have to re-read your post a ton of times trying to figure out what you said.

3) I am willing to play Male, Female, and Futa. I can play Furry, & Neko. I am open to other races also. I am also into bestiality if that is your thing. If you want to know more about that PM me and ask what animals I like for this and I am open to trying other animals also.

4) I will NOT play more then 1 character. You can play multiple characters but I will not. Also I will NOT be dominant. I am very submissive and will not play a dominant character. Well... maybe sometimes I MIGHT be dominant. But ONLY for certain RPs.

5) I will NOT put up with: Gore, blood, bondage, tattooing, death, piercing, or anything that will harm or change my character in anyway. Also I do NOT like pregnancy, breast milk, bowl movements, or urine etc. And to add I do NOT like humiliation at all.

6) Don't PM me asking what I want to do. All my ideas are here and I want to hear your ideas also.

7) Lastly I really like for there to be romance in the story. I will specify more when you message me.

*** To show you have read all these rules please include the word -Pajamas- in the subject of the PM or in the actual message. I will be awaiting your PM! :3


-Orc King/Human Princess
-Minotaurs/Human Princess

((Open to more ideas!))