At first I wanted to sing you a song
It was a great plan until I recalled
That I really can't quite sing songs at all

Then I decided to write you poems
Sometimes I can really write a great gem
Alas my mind did not want to write them

Well hey, maybe a piece of art would do
That I could draw, possibly give to you
But I found my art skills were lacking too

A simple letter was next in my thoughts
Something original, catchy, not bought
And yet all the right words couldn't be sought

Well crap, maybe I should tell you straight out
Rock at your window and give you a shout
But really, I'd rather not go that route

So I decided to go with my strengths
Force out a poem, I hope with some length
And maybe with luck, it won't be too rank

So I hope this doesn't come out too bad
And this dedication won't make you mad
You're the greatest stalker I've ever had

You're definitely better than the rest
I just have to say, DT, you're the best

April 2011