A mirror sits upon my wall
I sometimes pass it through the day
In bordered glass it reflects all
I linger not under its gaze

For if I stare what shall I see
Upon the surface of the glass
A face that should belong to me
Yet all I’ll find there is a mask

A mask I try to keep in place
In which I try to hide behind
I try to meld it to my face
So I can live in my disguise

But should I stare too long with eyes
Through the mask they’ll bore in holes
For mirrors cannot suffer lies
And eyes are mirrors to the soul

I hide behind my mask in fear
Yet in the end, it’s all for naught
When I stand before a mirror
In its visage, the truth is caught

A mirror sits upon my wall
And as I stare mask hits the floor
I let it slip and slowly fall
I do not need it anymore

Let your masks drop to the floor
We do not need them anymore

February 2011