This road I walk is long and cold
Yet I don't think I'm all that bold
For going down this path I chose
Bribed was I with a lovely rose

To see that rose, I walk alone
Deep down far into the unknown
Just to glimpse those blood red petals
Worth more than any precious metals

Many red roses I have passed
But none held any sort of class
Some withered and beginning to fade
Others just not the right red shade

The blood red rose that I do seek
Is nothing like the others, weak
The rose I want is strong and true
Nothing but the best will do

Time continues passing me by
But I never let my hope die
My wish to see that pretty flower
Leaves me with an unknown power

No matter how far this road leads
I'll walk it until I do succeed
In reaching the end of the way
I'll continue on passing the days

Too late it is to turn back now
To change my path, I can't allow
I continue down this path I chose
In search of that lovely blood red rose

September 2005