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Name: Ivan Hall
Age: 1018
H/She was born on: Sep, 16
Personality: After being in the Dragon's Tomb for One Thousand years, he Gained three personality's, he refers to them with titles, The Voice Of Vengeance, The Voice of Reason, and the Voice of Caution
He/She sometimes: Has Intellectual conversations with him self
He/She doesn't care for: Dragons/ Voice of Reason Talking
He/She's terrified of: Being Entombed again/ Voice of Caution
His/Her greatest wish: To Tame the Ancient White Dragon
Ability: Before being Entombed He had the Ability to Enhance his body, and mind to its Fullest Potential. Then while Entombed He gained all the white dragons abilities, except for flight, and the dragon breath.
What am I: Human who became Half Dragon
Talent: fighting, survival, and can play the Flute.
His/Her theme songs are: Falling By Staind
Away by Breaking Benjamin
Past: His bio is basically gonna be in the introduction