***Lost intrest in the previous story, sorry. Back to Resident Evil. What if they all met in High School when the zombie apocolypse started in Raccoon City? Leons point of view"
A young girl's scream. Groans from the hall.
I look up at Luis who is sitting across from me. We are the only one's here, this being our study hall period. We decided to stay in the room that use to be used by our old English teacher. She moved and the room has become a study hall for students. We are some of the few that actually use it. We both get up and walk out the door. A girl who goes to this school is on the ground as another student, boy, is biting her. I run at him, throwing him off of the girl. She's crying, now holding her arm, where she was bit. Luis is with her, trying to calm her down. I look back at the boy. His face looks grousom, sickly. Blood trails down his face. He looks like something out of a horror movie, like....a zombie....The thought is horrible in itself. He suddenly charges at me. I force him against a locker, then hear moans from down the hall. I look over, him pinned against the locker with my arm, and see other at the far end. They all look dead. 4 maybe 5. One has a pole or something through it's chest, another with it's foot twisted the other way. That's when fear shoots through me, this can't be happening. Luis yells and I turn to see the girl is after him.
"Luis, they're dead. Kill her, we have to move."
He kicks her away and looks at me,"What? You mean....there the living dead?"
I nod down the hallway and his expression shows that he now understands my conclusion.