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I was walking down a street and was heading to a direction my brother and I walk down, except I was alone. I saw a white person with glasses. It was nighttime and the place was lit. I began speaking to this person about how my PlayStation 3 doesn't work anymore because it makes a red light instead of green and blue.

The white person gave a small laugh and grinned, telling that this was normal. I expected he might tell me how to fix it, but instead he told me that technology is made to wear out on purpose. Companies do this to get people to buy more of their products. Then I told this person that this is what a friend named Chris told me before.

Then I began to walk with this person away from where I was originally going to head toward. I then woke up. Sora Takenouchi from my dream the night before was in my dream again, but she was having sex with Birdramon. Someone said her Digimon was made of plasma and had burns underneath the plasma, so the person asked how Sora wasn't getting burned.

Agumon was there, too, and he was told to use his fireball. I thought to myself how the fireball stayed as a ball and that perhaps it used some electromagnetic field to keep it this way.

I was on Gaia Online and I saw a thread called "Eisefin's House". It was about her TinyChat room. She was showing people in Lifestyle Discussion and I thought, "I thought she wasn't going to show anyone." I felt sad because I thought it was our special place to chat.

I checked the thread and I saw my name in there and how I was a great person. There was also Elizabeth of York, RyaZombie, Blue Kang, and Dolce Rogue asked about in the thread by someone. I saw a picture of me. I looked Asian and thought, "I don't look like that."

I then looked at it again after looking at RyaZombie's picture a few times. (She looked attractive.) I noticed that everything but the left side of my face in the picture was cropped. I even saw my kitchen and the stove behind it, and instead of showing the time, it showed 6°F and 40°F, which should have been on the refrigerator.

Then I asked, "How did Eisefin get a picture of me in my house?" Then I scrolled down the original post and saw a picture of Eisefin's face. Then I woke up.