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Weird? or Good...
So today in my gym class(all girls), we were merging with the other gym class(all guys and 2 years older than us) that we share the gym with. Today we played the normal warm up Octopus and then the teachers introduced a new game. I don't know what it's called but it requires a ton of running and dodging. There are 4 people selected to throw dodgeballs and the rest of the class is split into 4 teams evenly. The 4 people(2 boys, 2 girls) in the center may not leave the circle unless they need to grab the dodgeballs, but they cannot throw the ball outside the circle.

there are 4 mats in every corner of the gym and 1 team on each mat. When the teacher blows the whistle, everyteam has to run to the next mat clockwise.

If you get hit by the ball, you must sit down and stay sitting until the end of the game (it's really a long wait..). Wall balls don't count I think...
So the objective of this game is to be the last team or person standing. The 4 people in the middle know how to WHIP THE BALL SO IT HURTS. So that just gives an extra "Don't Get hit!" motivation I guess... (almost got hit in the face several times...) I'm not really a good runner so I thought I would be eliminated early.So we start running after 3 whistles, we still have everyone on our team and only 1 person overall was actually hit on the opposing teams. So I thought "wow, this is pretty easy" and after the 4th whistle, we lost 1 member. But it was still awright. Gradually it started getting harder as more people got hit and sat down. Especially at this one part. (where the red arrow is) Since alot of people would get hit there, they have to sit down therfore blocking your path and also, the people in the circle aim at the groups who have to pass there.
So our team started decreasing bit by bit. 1 team was completely eliminated after several rounds while another still had 8 people. The shooters(center) didn't even aim at them, which seemed a bit unfair. I think it's mostly because all the people in that group aren't really athletic. So after several more rounds, another team was eliminated and our team decreased to 4 while the other team had 5. So we were in 2nd place. This is where the shooters decide it's okay to whip the ball at people's heads when they're in the "safe zones". After several more rounds it was just 2 people on each team(only girls left). I was one of the 2 people on my team.
The strategy to this game is walk slowly and wait for them to throw all of the dodgeballs then sprint as fast as possible to the next mat. So the other person on my team and I did this. But after the teams are narrowed to a few people, the shooters don't throw easy-to-dodge-throws. When my teammate and I were running across thinking that we were in the clear, a shooter had a ball and hit my teammate. (I ran slightly quicker than her here)
So it was just me on the team and 2 others on the other team left. So it was just 3. The game was nearing it's end (finally for the people who got hit) and I started walking at a steady pace when one of the shooters whips the ball really hard and I barely stopped in time. (if it hit me, that would've left something...) I stopped then ran a bit before having to duck two more throws. (they started gaining up. I didn't realize the other team was eliminated)
Another good technique to this game when it nears the end is, use the people who are sitting down as shields. So I do this(I feel terrible) I duck down behind someone until the 2 throws are passed and hit the wall before sprinting to the mat as fast as possible. They threw a couple of more but they didn't hit me. I got ready to run to the next mat but turns out the game was over....

Now I just wonder, how is it that I won at a running dodgeball game? I'm not good at running or dodging?!....

oh well it felt awesome to win at it!!

rogue blood angel
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