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Miss Faye Renald's fidgeted lightly with the end of her gold necklace that did not hang low while she looked over her lesson plans once again. She had managed to land a teaching position at St. Augustine's Prep Academy which provided all the benefits that she needed. The twenty five year old woman stood at 5'7" thanks to her three inch heels. She possessed gorgeous dark locks of hair that normally cascaded over her perky D-cup breasts but because today was the first day of school she had it pulled back in a loose side bun. Faye decided to leave her reading glasses on but they couldn't hide her beautiful hazel colored eyes that caught the attention of any.

She drew in a long breathe and put the sheets of paper down in order to grab for her cup of coffee but someone caught her eye. She stood on the second floor of the school building and looked out through the large white pane windows and almost lost it. Walking through the courtyard was an individual that she had never imagined that she would ever see again.