Ugh..... This has been a busy week...

First of all, me and Phil aren't friends anymore. Yep, that's right. And it's over something completely ridiculous too.

The whole thing started about 5 months ago. At that time, Phil needed a computer, and I had a netbook that I wasn't using, so he asked me if he could have it. I was good with that, because I didn't need it. However, I had a solid state drive that I bought, which I was planning on using this year. At the time, I didn't need it for anything though, so I told Phil he could BORROW it until January. I made it pretty clear that I wanted it back by the end of 2012. If I recall correctly, he said "Okay, that's fine."

So 5 months went by, and on January 14 (two weeks past the due date), I asked him pretty politely for my solid state drive back. Then he started telling me "he doesn't have enough money, he has car payments to do, his parents don't have money, his hours at work were cut back, people are stupid, the world sucks, etc etc etc." So it was pretty apparent that he wasn't gonna give my drive back.

I even politely offered to him that if he bought his OWN solid state drive (and they're only like 30 dollars now), I'd install it for him and get his netbook up and running again so he wouldn't have to do anything. But nope. So yeah, I yelled at him, and I pretty much flat out stated that he used me. And we haven't talked since.

It's pretty sad how 10 years worth of a close friendship could instantly end up being nothing at all to either one of the persons involved in it.. It really goes to show you just who exactly your true friends really are, who you really can trust and who you reallly can't trust, and who'd watch your back for you...... I'd say during the first 9 months or so of last year, I had difficulty judging who would ******** me over and who wouldn't. But as my dad told me one day in 2012, I've made great strides over the course of the year.

Good news is, my birthday was fantastic. Everything good that could've happened actually happened. My dad bought me a brand new solid state drive, and it's actually way better than the one I let Phil "borrow". I'm going to put it into my Acer Aspire V5 laptop and install Ubuntu on it. I also was able to FINALLY get enough money to get my account over the 2G buffer I have. The only thing that could've made this better was if Billy, Becky, Lauren and Emily came to see me. They were planning on it, but when they figured out the party for me would be at Uncle Ralph's house, that cancelled out that idea.

So, all in all, this has been a very interesting week for me.